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About Town – August 22, 2022

Doris Lessenden

“Please take time to listen to your children.” Doris L.

“The Table” launch event last week was awesome. It was a movement by God among ladies of various ages and walks of life from Eads and neighboring towns at the Eads Senior Citizen Center. When we entered, we were in awe to see beautifully set tables with pink satin table runners across a white cloth. Lovely pink rose centerpieces arranged in rose bowls, wrapped in cellophane and ribbons, were won in drawings. The gold-trimmed plates and gold tableware matched the napkins. After prayer, the ladies filled their plates of exquisitely presented foods orchestrated by Deborah Gooden. Most women were probably like me, they did not know what they had come to this lovely dinner for. We were just drawn to come. The lady next to me said, “if I had known there would have been so many people here over 70, I probably wouldn’t have come.” She was sort of new to the town. It was a lovely evening. The Tribune, Kansas, leaders were our own Lori (Weirich) Elder and Katy Reynolds, who told how they came up with the idea of getting ladies together for an hour each week to talk and study God’s word. Katy told about how she was lonely in Tribune, even though she was happy with her children and husband. Since she had seen our charming Lori working in the bank, and thought she was friendly, she asked her to have lunch … and from this new friendship came the idea of “The Table” launch event, which they did in Tribune. The local leaders will lead the hour gatherings in different places on different days depending on responses to the survey commitment. If other ladies would like to be involved with this 12-week adventure, you may get a survey from Jennifer at Crow’s Stop and Shop. The local leaders are Brenda Stoker, Pam Weirich, Kelli Jensen, Alicia James, Brenda Fickenscher, Andrea Buller, and Jennifer Crow. Also, thank you to Christina Wolf for creating the centerpieces and the pink frosted cupcakes. They will begin meeting after the county fair. Katy Reynolds stated that many people feel loneliness. This is a way to fill that need.

Several phone calls from older Eads alumni have prompted me to share a short summary of what I know about the alumni gathering September 9-10. Breakfast will by the bank at 6:00 a.m. Thursday and Friday. There is no gate charge at fairgrounds. Buy a rodeo ticket to eat the barbeque Friday and Saturday. Rodeos start at 1:00 p.m. and, in the evening, volleyball and football games Friday with “drag Maine” afterward. Saturday, the parade starts at 10:00 a.m. Stores, the Senior Citizen Center, theatre, and museum are open. One can bid on silent auction items in Senior Citizen Center until 8:00 p.m. There will be tables and chairs on Maine for visiting, watching, and dancing, and places to eat. Some classes may meet at other times.

There was a heartwarming retirement party for Pat (Benner) Roper hosted by Delisa Weeks and friends in the CSU Extension offices last week. Pat worked for many years in the Clerk and Recorder’s Office and the Veterans’ Office.

Tanaia Hansen was surrounded by volleyball players at the ice cream social at the Kit Carson Lutheran Church last Thursday. She is the middle school and high school coach. She is also a nursing student at Lamar Community College.

Lonni Heir helped Gail Voss decorate the tables and furniture in the Senior Citizen Center with pretty sunflower arrangements and wreaths for the baked potato bar meal last Wednesday. Prairie Pines Assisted Living Centerdirector Brandi T. Barnes brought resident Mary Marble. We were delighted to sing happy birthday to Mary for her 98th birthday. The Haswell seniors’ meal will be August 24 at 5:30 p.m.

Janet Frederick of the Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site office set up five remarkable works of art by two artists in the Eads Senior Citizen Center, which will be on display until after the fair.

The Eads United Methodist Church family celebrated with Loy and Betty (Harrison) Jones on the day of their marriage, August 14, 62 years ago in Eads. They enjoyed a beautifully decorated cake and ice cream with their friends. The Joneses return once or more per month to worship in the Eads church because they love their home town friends and church.

Jared Weeks flew from California to be one of the entertainers at the “Bad Ass Car Show” in Lamar last weekend.

The Peterson sisters, Jeanette (Virgil) Kochis and Charlotte (Gary) Billings, enjoyed a wonderful excursion trip to Alaska this month.

When we went to the Health Mart Saturday morning, an attractive lady was watering the flowering plants outside the door. When she turned to open the door, it was Carla Gifford. I asked, “Carla, what are you doing?” She said, “These poor little plants were dying for water!” Then she rushed away to get more water. Larry was visiting with Tom Davis at the pharmacy window.

Bill and Linda Trosper have visited their son, Ryan, Lessa and children in Rio Deoso, New Mexico, where their son is the college president.

Potential exhibitors for the county fair: please get your exhibitor entry form into the Extension Office, mail it, or send by email by Thursday, September 1.

Kit Carson Day is Saturday, September 3. Check out the rodeo, bake sale, duck race, parade, melodrama, dance, and fun games.