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About Town – December 16, 2019

Doris Lessenden

“Joy to the World, The Lord has come!”

The feeling of Christmastime has been and is in the air around Eads these days with less than ten days left before Christmas day. However, some families are having their “family Christmas” earlier in some cases, such as the D.L. and Judy Weeks family, and later in other cases. When it is dark, and if you have the time to drive around town, one can see so many homes and places decorated with pretty twinkling lights. In my part of the town some just take your breath away, like the Karl and Sarah Eikenberg home which has a series of flashing lights in three or more different levels. We really like the cross and the United States flag! The light display is synchronized to the music of an FM radio station. Another extraordinary home on Maine Street is the that of Bud and Marlene Adamson, which is mostly white and light blue blinking lights and other winter motifs, with a big snowman by their entrance door. Jeff and Barb Scranton and their three children have such a large pretty display of lights on tall arches and all around their buildings. On Maine in the former Sibcy-Davis house, Mr. and Mrs. Heil just keep adding more beautiful lights and garland to their newly restored home. Jerry and Tina Adamson and their daughter, Lacy and J.D. Van Campen’s homes have carried on the tradition of their grandparents, John and Mary Ann Hulteen, of decorating their homes also. Tonight, I will take time to drive around to some more homes.

Other signs of Christmas time and celebrations are concerts on four Sundays in Eads. Shoppers enjoy seeing Keith and Jennifer Crow’s big balloon brown teddy bear and tall white tree that plays seasonal melodies. Timmy Trosper (or someone) has hung a big wreath on the former Fischer’s service station, and Roland Sorensen has placed beautiful lighted wood cut-outs in the Maine Street park and highlighted the fountain. What a lot of us are looking forward to is this Saturday at 11:00 a.m. when Santa Claus will be coming into town on some kind of rail car. Then, at 1:00 p.m., people can go to the free Christmas movie at the Plains Theatre. Sports fans may be heading to the holiday basketball tournament in Lamar for the finale. Since the wrestling tournament at Holly has been cancelled, the County Line Rivals wrestling team will be off, but ready for a busy winter of tourneys. The Rival team of boys from four schools in a co-op is performing really well. It is good that some of the team mothers really work together to prepare breakfast burritos and foods for tournament days.

Marty Miller has been in Arizona at his new home and spending time with his father, Bob Miller, for several weeks. He is coming home soon for the holidays. We think Marty will be surprised to see how Krissy has creatively decorated his yard on Highway 287.

Christina Wolf and her daughter, Casey Strickland, made three layered cakes filled with a delicious soft marshmallow-like filling and decorated with edible film reading “Merry Christmas” trimmed in red and green. A hostess at each table cut for the guests at the Prairie Pines Christmas Tea. The hot water and tea bags were served by Jeff Peterson, Casey Strickland, and members of the Prairie Pines Senior Living staff. Director Pam Weirich welcomed and shared “teacup” poems with the many guests who were seated at all the dining tables, which were set with a variety of dainty floral painted china cups. These exquisite cups and saucers were donated to the Pines by their first resident, Vivian Gifford, from her mother’s collection. Vivian also donated a very large painting of aspen trees to the Weisbrod Hospital in memory of her mother, Nellie Nickert.

The painting was painted by local artist, Lil Penn. Lil is doing well in her 90s, and is a resident in the Weisbrod Home now. It has been several years since we have had such a fine tea in Eads, so it was a treat! Mrs. Deborah Gooden brought four of her five granddaughters to have this new experience, and they were all wearing hats! I like to see adults teaching their young ones proper manners and giving them cultural experiences. Some of us remember that Sandie Kelley and Lola Igou began the teas years ago with croissant fillings and dainty cookies with tea. Thank you, ladies!

Since in the past the Haswell United Methodist Church has been filled from wall to wall, may I remind those Christmas Eve worshipers that this year the service will be at an earlier hour, at 4:00 p.m. At the Eads church, Pastor Janita Krayniak will have service at 6:00 p.m.

The former place of business of Bart Michael and sons has been sold and cleaned up of shrubs and vehicles, so it is ready for a new business in the future. It will be good to see another business on Wanstead.

Another new service business will have an open house this week - Southeast Health Group, referred to as SHG. 

Some of our former students are returning from their college campuses. The Eads School break is from December 23 to January 2. Please, watch out for our children and youth.

Shalom, Peace be with you.