About Town – February 15, 2021

PROMO 660 x 440 People - Doris Lessenden
Published Monday, February 15, 2021
by Doris Lessenden

"Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial" James 1:12

Future Business Leaders of America Officer Rhealie Rittgers began a new project, "FBLA Member of the Month." The nominator states reason for the award and members vote on who should receive the certificate for that month. Breaanna Wilson, a freshman received the first award. Samantha Courkamp, a sophomore, won the January award. Both young ladies trained and participated in two events in the district FBLA competitions recently. Both young ladies have two part-time jobs besides being outstanding students at Eads High School.

I learned the wonders of watching our Eads Eagle sports team via streaming video last week. It was good to see it on my computer, but if it had not been so cold and slippery outside the last two weeks, I would have liked to watch the games at JJ's Restaurant or at the Plains Theatre with other people. I miss the noise. The cheerleaders' routine looked attractive, and was danced by Mollie Kelley, Amber Kopasz, Cayce Grant, Rachel Kopasz, and Crystal Watson.

Eads places of business which are members of the Chamber of Commerce will be receiving a letter asking them if they want to participate in the new project to have signage for their business on the white chamber trailer. The hope is to eventually have it parked and locked down in the roadside park as a way to advertise our businesses. We really would like to encourage more people from businesses to attend the Chamber noon meeting on the first Wednesday of the month at JJ's Restaurant.

A new addition to the Eads and Kit Carson gyms are the very large photo banners of their senior class. The 15 from Eads are Damien Barnes, Victoria Carey, Zachary Fowler, Joe Haase, Cayci Grant, Brandon Lening, Lexi Lopex, Mollie Kelley, Hatch Nelson, Brad Musgrave, Amber Kopasz, Ally Spady, Colby Stoker, Crystal Watson, Bryson Watne.

Our sympathy is extended to the relatives of Sharon Bixler, who died recently. She lived next door to her sister-in-law, Daisy Hebberd, in Eads. Sharon was buried near Walsh. 

Another person who died last week was Bud Lowe, who lived in Prairie Pines for several years. His service was February 13 in Cheyenne Wells. Bud was a farmer most of his life and a kindly man. 

Our community welcomes the new Sheriff's Deputy, Josh Robertson, who assisted us using the elevator at the courthouse last Thursday. He told me that they have moved into Eads and have two young sons. How good to have another new family in Eads. 

A number of people attended the County Commissioners Board meeting Thursday. It was interesting to watch, as the Commissioners were seated behind plastic panels with County Administrator, Tina Adamson, speaking from a big screen on the east wall, and with Jordan (Sniff) Weirich and Delisa (Eikenberg) Weeks recording at the opposite ends of the large table. The discussion was on the use of the new senior citizen space, and about ways that the library staff and other people can also use the spaces. We also learned that we will not be able to have our February 17 lunch and meeting because some building repairs will not be finished by that time.

We are very grateful to Nola Ensgstrom for her generosity to donate to buy a coat rack for the new center. We have also had another blessing that we will acknowledge soon that will be of great help to us in opening the new senior center.

Both the Eads Eagle girls and boys teams are playing exciting games. The names of the girls basketball team, who are coached by Mr. Trey Eder, assisted by Justin McLoud, are Lexi Lopez, Maggie Haase, Rachel Kopasz, Rhaelie Rittgers, Crystal Watson, Brianna Habinak, Ally Spady, Samantha Courkamp, Katie Johnson, and Madison McDowell. 

My friends tell me that they really enjoyed the Valentine candies and cookies that I gave them, which were made by Glenda Stoker of the Haswell Propane Vintage and Antique Store and by Cindy McLoud of the Eads Treasure and Vintage Shop.

Child Find is going to be offered March 11. This is a free service to parents for their children from infants to five years old. The free screenings are to evaluate vision, hearing and language development as well as physical and cognitive skills. Parents can pre-register their child for the Eagle's Nest Pre-school at this time if they were born on or before May 1, 2018. Parents may call the educators, Kayla McLoud or Jessica Millspaugh, at 719-438-2080 for an individual appointment. People around Arlington, Haswell, and between there up to the outskirts of Eads were without electricity for a number of hours, or even days, last week. But they are very thankful to the men who work for Southeast Colorado Power Association to get the power back on. Also, I want to write for citizens of Kiowa County that we are so thankful for the men and women who work for our law enforcement, fire departments, and county and state highway departments, and also for the marvelous staff at Weisbrod Hospital and the medical clinic. They are our fellow citizens who take such good care of us, as well as people traveling though our county.

Remember that here is always hope!

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