PROMO 660 x 440 People - Doris Lessenden

About Town – July 28, 2019

Doris Lessenden

“Matthew 5:9 “Blessed are the peacemakers”

And don’t we need more peacemakers in the world, and in America? It can happen. There is always Hope!

We thought that the Maine Street Bash was going to be great, and it was. The food vendors were really outstanding! A large group from Dumas, Texas, (related to Amanda McLoud) had outstanding Big Belly Barbeque and other foods. The Collins family from Cheraw had tasty foods and were glad to be next to their daughter’s booth, Jennifer Stum’s CJ Milling, with packages of millet flour-based mixes. The brownie mix is marvelous. Steve and Dang’s friend came from Denver to cook their wonderful Thai foods. The volunteer firemen had an amazing long black grill smoker to bake pizzas. When I ate a slice of the whole pizza I bought, the flavor reminded me of meals cooked by my father over a mountainside fire. My, what a sweet memory! Mexican foods were served by Jose Hernandez and family and Shea Cordova Johnson. The music was delightful all day into night, featuring four bands. Lots more people came to watch the darling little Eaglette dance troupe taught by Kristina Uhland, assisted by Kelly Dunlap. The Kids Zone was joyfully popular with the younger generation as well as Steve Blythe and Kevin Hebberd’s ice cones and funnel cakes. We saw lots of people going in to watch the “Toy Story 4” movie, and also to escape the heat, where Cindy and Mike McLoud were in charge of the concession stand and enjoyed their several grandchildren. The Corn Hole tournament was popular with the younger set, but the crowd and competition was certainly among the adults as they threw those red bean bags through holes in a special box. Beatle (Vernon) Koch said, “I drove all the way from Florida for my wife, Sharon, to play corn hole!” Chairperson Betsy Barnett was everywhere checking on booths and people while the rest of us were having a great time visiting or eating just having fun. The Horseshoe Park that Cardon and Joyce Berry spend hours tending every day was well used by onlookers. The ice cream store and popcorn machine workers were busy all day serving their goodies. It was good to have other vendors, and we hope that more vendors will come to sell their “stuff” next year.

After abundant rain Saturday night, July 20, of from two to six or more inches in some places in Kiowa County, the land is still looking quite green. On the drive to Colorado Springs for medical appointments, we marveled to see how lovely it is in southeast Colorado.

Members of the Eads and Haswell United Methodist Churches are looking forward to having their new pastor here, who will also live in and serve the Cheyenne Wells parish. Mobility improvements are great. I remember that my mother’s family southeast of Kit Carson was served by a preacher who came on horseback. By the time she was a teenager, the minister came in a little car (early 1920’s), and their confirmation lessons lasted all day with break of playing croquet.

Sunday evening, July 21, the Prairie Queen 4-H Club and their and families had a big picnic. Dads, Tim Trosper and Eric Ellenberger, grilled the meats, while most of the members gave illustrated talks or demonstrations about their projects. 

Some volunteer superintendents for the Kiowa County Fair met at the Community Building last week to discuss ways of displaying the exhibits September 11-14. County Extension Agent Tearle Lessenden and Colorado State University Secretary Krystal Eikenberg presented some new ideas to us. See you at the fair!

Next Monday, August 5, is the 4-H fair at the Community Building for judging in the morning. The fashion show will be at 6:00 p.m., followed by the food auction.

We were attracted to a blue tent outside the NAPA Store Friday. There was young Addison Courkamp selling iced tea and lemonade. Now there is a good entrepreneur!

Several days a week we see children walking into the Courthouse in anticipation of the summer reading program and activities. The young ones tell me that it is lots of fun too.

The Eads senior brunch is Thursday, August 1. We hope seniors will come to the noon dinner Wednesday, August 21.

Tim Sawyer planted a pumpkin patch for me. The plants are blooming as long as I water them. I do so appreciate Mike Arth, who fixed for me a water system that I can turn on myself. Oh, I am so thankful for helpful friends, like Robin Musgrave, Gail Voss, Curtis Canopin, and Areta Laird especially last week, which was a challenging one for me.

Last week I drove to Haswell to buy new tires from my nephew, Paul Stoker, and I was amazed to see a huge mountain of wheat. Also, there were walls of golden hay bales all stacked neatly nearby. We thank the Lord for a good harvest!

The riding club, under the leadership of Dawn Back, is providing some type of horse-related activity at the fairgrounds every weekend, plus, the demolition derby is coming soon.

We are so blessed to have the roadside park in Eads. The Colorado Department of Transportation wanted to close the park in Eads, but I remember attending a meeting where local people stood up to keep it open. People appreciate the Town of Eads employees who keep it clean! Thank you, men!