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About Town – March 15, 2021

Doris Lessenden

“The Lord is near to the brokenhearted” Psalm 34:18

The verse above goes on to say that “the Lord is near those who have a crushed spirit,” so that comforts me on this cloudy, dreary Friday morning as I remember Zach Gifford’s death and how it happened.

On a happier note, we have been having sunny warm days this week and now the prospect of moisture this coming week. Spring is coming and the clocks will be set forward in Colorado as the new sport season begins. It was exciting to watch the Eads boys team via streaming video Tuesday night when they won in the first round of state playoffs. Jennifer Schofield has a large screen at her restaurant and, Thursday, there was a large crowd who went to the Plains Theatre to see the game on the big screen. Our girls lost their first game up at Merino Tuesday, but we are glad they did this well the season. We were able to watch that game also on Jennifer’s screen Tuesday evening. The first volleyball games will be March 23 and 26. Last weekend, our wrestlers ended their season with the County Line Rivals sending three wrestlers to State: Aiden Michael, Tate Krentz, and Cade Zordel. Chase Stolzenberger was a wrestler, but the doctors found a growing tumor in his left shoulder joint. Last week, the surgeons think they cut out the tumor and were able to set a “new” joint in for him to have a more normal life. His family and friends are very thankful and hopeful for complete healing for next wrestling season.

Congratulations to Tyler and Monique (Rassmusen) Pevler who had a tiny three- pound 12-ounce baby girl February 3. The precious baby is named Behlen May, and is so pretty in photos that her grandmother, Marla, showed me.

The V.A.L.E. Board met last week. The board meets at the town hall quarterly to consider topics dealing with victims of crimes and working with law enforcement. Our guest was Officer Kayla (Frederick) Murdock, a recent graduate of the Otero Junior College Law Enforcement Academy, who is a Sheriff’s deputy. She brings her sons to the Eads school and then serves as the school traffic patrol officer, which is surely nice for some teachers who have done that job for years. At times the V.A.L.E. Board has paid out some funds to support education or prevention of possible crimes or endangering behaviors.

The Weisbrod Hospital Auxiliary met last week at JJ’s Restaurant, and were happy to have Diane O’Brian attend. Since we didn’t meet last month because of the snow, Linda Trosper still brought each lady a large candy kiss wrapped in red foil in a pink box. She also brought the lovely, engraved metal memorial plaque for Elden Reinert and Renee Woods, which will be hung after the new awning has been hung on the Weisbrod balcony. The ladies gave Activity Director Tanya Lane envelopes of money for a special Bingo game since we still can’t go to play with the residents. Tanya related how good it was to be able to move the residents and their beds to the Assisted Living Center in Eads for parts of four days while the aging heating system was being repaired during that last cold spell. Even though a Lamar facility could take care of them, we were blessed that our precious elders could be cared for right here in Eads! The members are taking turns to bring gifts to the residents for their birthday party.

A gala day is being planned for Saturday, March 20, since the Governor deemed it “no meat day.” Word has it that the governor has actually spurred more people to buy and to eat more beef than ever. Ty Harmon reports on KLMR that in most communities along the Arkansas River, and all over Colorado, there will be some type of party or dinner featuring beef. In Eads, the celebration of agriculture in Kiowa County will be at the fairgrounds. It is from noon to 5:00 p.m. There will be games, fun activities for all ages to watch or take part in, and Terry Riley is setting up the Crow-Luther Cultural Events Center trailer for the musicians to entertain us. Come join the fun. The organizers do thank the generous people who donated money through Laura Negley, President of the Farm Bureau, to celebrate our farmers and ranchers.

Vickie Doty brought three boxes of over of 136 pretty children’s caps she has crocheted while isolated for me to select some to buy. She likes to bake and cook meals if anyone is interested in buying her tasty foods.

This is week is spring break so be aware that youth may be playing out in the streets. 

The Eads senior citizens are hopeful that their corned beef and cabbage dinner will be in the new center Wednesday, March 17. Keep tuned while we wait, or call one of the officers to see where it will be. 

Brittanie Newman, Eads High School graduate, is working her second of four rotations for Physical Therapy Assistant training at Scott County Hospital. She is a student at Colby Community College in Kansas. This lovely young lady also graduated from Fort Hayes State University.

Realynn Riley thought of the idea to have a photo contest of the cutest baby calf. Her idea blossomed into an invitation to submit a photo you have taken in Colorado. Then any age of person can enter their photos at any time and some day you may see your photo on the front page of the Kiowa County Press! Also, it is not limited to just 4-H or FFA.

Tennessee Ernie Ford’s song urges: “See if you can help somebody today.” Be kind to one another.