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About Town – March 25, 2019

Doris Lessenden

A joyful heart is good medicine. Proverbs 17:22

Luke Vocke will be honored by the Post Office ladies Thursday, March 28, with cookie treats for the people who come in the Post Office from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. This is a “good bye” for Luke’s 15 years here in our office. Best wishes to Luke and Emma as they move to Montrose.

Eads senior citizens certainly enjoyed the corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and carrots as the main entre last Wednesday. Gail Voss spent many hours at the center cooking the meat. We were glad to have a new guest, Walt Blake.

Thanks to a number of ladies who volunteered in the Plains Theatre concessions and ticket office last weekend. They were reminded that the health fair will be April 5-6. The Spring Fling Talent Show will be Friday, April 5. The talent show will feature middle school and high school singers as well as pre-schoolers. Also starring will be Rhett Uhland, Jamie Crockett, Echo Crockett, and other local performers. Only 200 tickets will be sold, so this is the time to buy your ticket from one of the CLCEC Board members: Betsy Barnett, Terry Riley, Mary Vasquez, Kim Richards, Alicia James, Marty Miller, Ken Flory, Charlene Gifford, Connie Shotton and me, Doris. If you miss getting a ticket, you can check at the window that night, April 5.

The Eads Eagles won the baseball game at home last Thursday versus Crowley County. There was a good cheering group in the stands. The next scheduled games are Tuesday here with Holly, and Friday at 3:00 pm to play the Granada team here.

The 21 track team members went to the Lamar meet last Saturday and will be at a track meet in La Junta the Friday.

Barbara Sutteer, flew from Utah last Thursday to Denver where Karen Wilde, Sand Creek Massacre National Historic site ranger, brought her to Eads for the Sand Creek series of speakers. She was dressed in a long turquoise dress with silver accessories, while she told about some her career experiences in government service related to Native Americans and at National Parks in Alaska, Montana, Oklahoma and other states. Alexa Roberts came all the way from her new home in Belen, New Mexico, for the gathering. The next presentation will be Thursday, March 28 at 6:00 pm at the Plains Theatre by Walter Eco Hawk.

Daylight Donut Day is a popular Thursday once a month when Tonya Lane orders boxes of varieties of doughnuts. They are served first to the residents and those who attend the 9:00 a.m. coffee hour, and then later to the staff. This month Linda Trosper has displayed a pretty lavender and blue crazy quilt, crafted by Debbie Kleisen, in the dining room. 

Gloria Gaynor and Shannon Dixon are busy planning the annual Weisbrod Health Fair for April 5-6 at the Eads Elementary school. This is a great place to have your personal health checked by tests which are mostly free. We know from past history that people’s lives have been saved even though they didn’t even know they were “ill” at the time. Last year, one lady had a message waiting on her phone when she got home telling her to get to a hospital immediately. It was a good thing!

Jaxon Crawford’s birthday wish was a ticket to California to visit his friend, Jared Weeks, who attends a music college near Los Angeles. Brad Johnson, also of Kit Carson, flew out to join his friends. Crawford attends Fort Hayes State University in Kansas, and Brad Johnson is a sophomore at Colorado State University-Fort Collins.

Dwight Lessenden’s home was filled last week for several days with his grandchildren and children who had spring break in Loveland and Pueblo West. It was fun for this great aunt to get to spend time with the younger ones to watch them paint on canvas and about their schools.

The Fathom film, “The Moses Controversy” last Sunday was so informative. Ever since I was in Mrs. Lois Sibcy’s fourth grade class, I have been interested in archeology and wanted that as a career, however as a freshman student, when I had to write my career path, I had to face reality. I am content now, but I still like anything to do with history.

After the movie documentary, I drove to the Haswell Cemetery to look at the silver cross monument that Travis Lessenden’s friends had made for his parents. It was a year ago that our family lost his mother, Bonnie Spady Lessenden. This was a bitter sweet time. Afterwards I went to the Haswell United Methodist Church at 5:00 p.m. to a wonderful worship service with Kent Johnston as the hymn leader and Pastor Spencer Black’s sermon on “Reconciliation,” which I have thought about all week. Rev. Spencer is a really outstanding preacher.

Phil Pollreis entertained residents at the Prairie Pines Assisted Living Center last week with Irish ballads to the fiddle and ballads about trains and other good old time guitar music and singing.

Barb Seay and her son, Mike Arth, are getting acclimated to Colorado Springs and its challenges. Mike has begun woodworking lessons and a fun activity at a karaoke room in a library. They enjoy going to the same church where Larry and Carla Gifford go and carry on their friendship from Eads.

There is a need for homeless shelter or housing in this county. Who will do something about it?