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About Town – October 10, 2022

Doris Lessenden

Jesus said, “Do not worry about your life.” Matthew 6:25

During homecoming week at Eads High School, the elementary and middle schools joined in dress days, rally, and games. The Thursday night pep rally was on the football field, beginning with a lovely warm rose-colored sunset and ended with a full moon above. Alicia James sang the National Anthem beautifully before beginning the traditional pep rally. The bon fire was around a tall triangular stack of wood with the local fire trucks parked nearby. Thank you to the fire department. The youth enjoyed chants and class skits. Dress day winners were announced for each class. We liked watching the teenagers who welcomed lots of children to do the fun line dance across the field together. Afterward, free cookies and hot chocolate were served from the concession stand.

There was a remarkable improvement in the structure of the ‘E’ for lighting the burning of the bon fire, which has been pretty to watch through the years. I first saw this idea when I went to a rally in Ordway with my friend, Henry Ashida. So, I asked the FFA teacher to weld us an ’E’ that stood up. It looked good, but the girls and I tied the gunny sacks with my father’s binder twine. When it burned, it burned fast and fell off! We learned to use daddy’s bailing wire in the following years. Now, in 2022, they have welded the large three dimensional ‘E’ with wire baskets to hold little pieces of wood to burn. 

The next day, the middle school volleyball matches with Granada began at 4:00 p.m., followed by the middle school football game. Then the high school volleyball and football games followed for a long cool evening. At halftime of the football game, the royalty court was presented. A.J. Vasqez was crowned king, and Magdalen (Maggie) Hasse was crowned queen. The young crown bearers were Piper Uhland and Isaiah Rouse. Senior princes were Brenden Reifenschinder and J. B. Brown. Senior princesses were Taygen Ferris and Piper Sorter. The junior prince and princess were Porter Spady and Katie Johnson. The sophomore prince was Colin Nelson, and the freshmen prince and princess were Kolten Specht and Sophia Mitchell.

Friday, after watching the volleyball matches in the gym with wins over Granada, the spectators rushed to the football field where the Eagles led the first quarter 30 to 0. I found a place on 9th street looking right to the northwest goal post where I could see the game better than from the handicap spots. The game was won by Eads. It was tied, but in two seconds remaining, Porter Spady kicked the ball, ran to catch it, then threw it to Connor Woolert, who ran to win by 52-46. Spectacular players!

This Saturday, October 15, is the Haswell Bazaar at the community gym. Lunch can be purchased, as well as a variety of vendor products. It is a fun time for people to come in to eat, shop and visit. Also, mark your calendar to go to the Hospital Auxiliary Holiday Bazaar November 19. To reserve a vendor space, call Bazaar Chair Linda Trosper or President Alice Glover.

There were many vehicles last week around the Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site offices and the Cobblestone Inn, where there were several meetings and meals with Indigenous leaders. Tribes come here at different times during the year from many states. Alexa Roberts, the superintendent for many years, came up from New Mexico for the gatherings.

The turkey vultures returned to the treetops in the courthouse park last week, but they didn’t stay very long in their migration through here. It interests me how many big birds like to cling to the tallest bare branches. I like to watch them soar and swoop. Did you ever wish you could fly like a sparrow or an eagle?

National 4-H week ended Sunday. The 4-H banquet will be November 6 at 4:30 p.m.

This is Pastor Appreciation Month. If you are associated with a church or fellowship, it would be good to take time to write a note to your Pastor or teacher. Some sort of gift, coupon, or food treat may be nice too.

The Little Eagles sports program, organized by a few key parents, is quite amazing each fall Saturday. It brings masses of relatives to the gyms and football fields. Football was still being played after the noon hour in warn weather.

Usually, Maine Street looks rather quiet Saturday mornings, but the stores and cafes were busy - gas stations too. The cost of gas in Eads is $3.65 per gallon and diesel is $4.89 at Hometown Gas and Grill.

We extend our sympathy to the families of Liz Rehfeld, age 92, who died the week of September 26 after breaking her hip. The Rehfeld’s brought their four children up in the Plainview community.

Claire Prince has organized exercise classes that meet earlier and later in the day. One may call her for details. Loretta Seibel can give you information about the aerobic water exercises at Prairie Pines pool. Do take care of your bodies, men and women.

Funeral services are pending for Roger Bentley. Prayers of sympathy and for rest for his caretaker, Peggy Sheldon.