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About Town – September 30, 2019

Doris Lessenden

“He (God) makes everything beautiful in His time,” Ecclesiastes 3:11

Sylvia Weeks: That is who I think of when I read that scripture, remembering her singing the song “Everything is Beautiful” at a school assembly as the girls in her class handed out hand colored spheres of the world. That was at an assembly when we used to commemorate Veteran’s Day at Eads High in the 1970’s. Each class had a skit interspersed with musical selections. Sylvia has long been one of the most beautiful soprano singers in our town. She and her sister, Mary Eikner, often sing duets or lead hymn singing at funerals and other events in Eads. What a blessing those former Blooding girls are!

Pete Koch said, “That’s what friends are for, Bud” when Bud and Dixie Bennett asked, “what I can pay you, Pete?” Last week, the Bennetts lost their car keys. It was a horrible searching ordeal for them, but Pete made a call to Burlington, found the right one and he and Kenny Wilcox drove up there and brought it home by evening. There is another blessing: friends!

Educator Mary Vasquez hosted several college representatives last week for Eads students. One was from Northwest Technical College of Goodland, Kansas. Some students I thought of who benefited from their skill training for a career there who come to mind are Gary Borns, Sally Weil, Ryan Lane, Steve Wilson, Kevan Hebberd, Braden Lane, Kelly Hebberd. Trevor Randel, Bryce Kraft, and no doubt many others. Many students from this region attended the College Career Fair at Lamar Community College last week. A representative from the John Deere Corporation visited students last week in Eads also.

Dedicated Booster Club ladies spent four hours out at the east side of the football field fence placing a large Eagle logo made of colored plastic cylinders in the wire-holes of the fence. They were Riki Cordova, Mielan Lening, Alyssa Eder, Shelby Uhland, Braylynn Eder, and Shea Johnson. This purple and gold Eagle head logo should last a long time and add to the upcoming football games and homecoming week, October 7-12. The homecoming royalty court are seniors, Angel Medina, Dillon Hernandez, Jonah Schofield, Lauren Brown, Kaycee Ellenberger, and Cynthia Watson; juniors, Aubree Rybacki and Zack Fowler; sophomores, Kyra Sheridan and Cade McDowell; and freshmen, Brianna Habinck and A. J. Vasquez. Homecoming is Saturday, October 12, with volleyball and football games in the afternoon. This is a new activity: the Chili Cookoff at the football field. The County Line Rivals Wrestling Booster Club will be hosting this fundraiser.

The Lion’s Club distributed dictionaries to third graders in Mrs. Charlene Gifford’s Eads classroom last week. This is a worthy gift to children in this grade every year.

Our community extends our sincere sympathy to several families who lost loved-ones last week. The Brown families gathered around Gilbert Brown, who passed at his ranch near Chivington. His funeral was at the Chivington Friends Church, and then more friends came for his burial near Eads by his late wife, Kay Womack-Brown. Gilbert’s children are Pam (Jerry) Weirich, Kandae (Dave) Reeder, Rod (Dana) Brown, and Terry (Lana) Brown.

Our sympathy goes to the Glover and Pettinger families of Eads and Holly after the death of Alice Glover’s nephew, David Pettinger, of Eads. David was a former Holly wrestling champion and a professional jockey who, at one time, was listed as one of the top 15 jockeys in America. Our community commends his cousin, Richard, and his wife, Koy Glover, for their kindness and care for David after he retired to his passing.

We were shocked to hear of the death of Debra Barton of Eads. She was a C.N.A. nurse for many years, and an ardent babysitter of her grandchildren. She leaves her children, Lori (Tony) Coen, Amy (Justin) Miller, Renee (Gavin) Lyon and John (Kerstin) Barton. Debbie’s services will be held Saturday at the Praise Community Church in Eads.

“Think of a thing that you can do to make the world better - like forgiving someone, or give an extra hug or kiss,” by Eva Kor, a survivor of a Nazi concentration camp in Germany.

Have you ordered a brick with your family name or the place of business for the sidewalk outside the Plains Theatre? It is good to hear that some children are planning to buy a brick in memory of their parent’s former business in Eads. Isn’t that a neat idea?

We went out to the fairgrounds to see what the Praise Community Church auction was like, and to have lunch. It was quite a sight to see so many items that were consigned or donated. This will help the several ministries of this church.

When my sister, Virgyln, was here, we cooked fresh beets grown in Betty Frazee’s backyard. It was such a treat to be reminded of living on the farm and having fresh vegetables.

The Eads senior citizen Sage lunch is October 2, and brunch is Thursday, October 3. 

There were about 32 women from around America and several other countries who took a break from cycling across the United States to stay in the Cobblestone Inn in Eads. They enjoyed attending our movie theatre and taking walks about town from Thursday to Sunday.

People really do appreciate how colorfully you publishers create such pretty advertisements for the Kiowa County Press. Your editions before and after the county fair were very attractive! Thank you. My favorite part of the Press is the box with memories from years ago! This week, I am going to send the whole newspaper to Sri Lanka to my friend, Henry Wijenayake, who you mentioned the “40 years ago.” He was a 4-H exchange student who lived with families in Cheyenne Wells, and the Jim and Liz Rehfeld family at Sheridan Lake. I have exchanged Christmas letters with Henry for 40 years. His daughter is working near Washington, D.C. now. Your research brings smiles and happy memories. Thank you, Chris and Jeanne!