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Published Saturday, March 10, 2018
by Doris Lessenden

"Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things." I Corinthians 15:7 I encourage you to say to several people every day "I love you." It could be the last time you get to share your love in that way. I know that from experience.

80 years old! That is what the Church family of the Eads Praise Community Church is celebrating Sunday, March 18, beginning at 10:30 a.m. with worship and sharing memories service. This will be followed by a lunch. Mrs. Deborah Gooden has been collecting and researching happenings of the past 80 years.

The windows are set in the three restored buildings on the east side of Maine Street in the former bank-Gambles, Schoggins-Wissel, and Scroggins Buildings! The reflections of passing vehicles and at night the movie marquis is so pretty. Sharon Frazee told us that we would see this in our lifetime.

Bleu and Amber (Smelker) Ellis of Limon announced the birth of their baby girl, Roan Bleu. Their son, Rhedden, is happy to have a baby sister.

Mary Anne Ure and her Prairie Pines friends celebrated her 92nd birthday March 6. Her sons, Marshall and Greg, called her on that windy day.

Mike Crain, Nick Johnson, and Dominic Hernandez have been making the courthouse grounds more attractive by painting the southeast garage building and metal container chocolate brown trimmed in white. Plus, these men have fully painted the former white community meeting room in mauves, teals, and cinnamon with new carpet flooring. The long commissioner's table and high back upholstered chairs gives an impressive up-to-date look compared to the former white walls and green chairs.

The Democrats and Republicans in the county had their caucuses March 6. The Republican Assembly will be March 22 in the Cobble Stone Inn to choose the candidates.

Kelly Lujan made my day Thursday when he called me. He loves to hear news of his former home town and people. His mother, Rose Lujan, lives in Albuquerque near him and Jane, so he checks on her often. Oh, how good I remember those Lebanese Baklava bar cookies were that she used to make that her four sons shared with their friends.

Terri Voss's son, Anthony, had a motor cycle accident last weekend near Colorado Springs. He is home now with his wife, Jennifer Lynn, and recuperating from serious injuries.

Thank you to the local businesses that paid for Lamar radio advertisements so basketball fans could listen to state tournament games last week. We were particularly interested in the Kit Carson girls, South Baca boys and girls, Holly girls and Lamar girls.

I remember when Erik Melgoza moved from Granada in the mid-80s because he wanted to be coached by our Mr. Gail Crawford. It paid off because he has been a coach for years and currently is the girls' basketball coach and boys cross country coach of the Lamar Savages who are vying for the state championship titles again. The Crowley County Chargers from Ordway played in State last week in the first time in 50 years. At the time of this writing, I am eagerly awaiting the outcome of the Kit Carson and Lamar games.

There have been some nice children's birthday parties in homes, in the Plains Theatre, and at the Prairie Pines swimming pool. Another pleasant place is at the Cobble Stone Inn where Moe and Dally Sagner hosted a party for their little four-year old daughter, Saige.

Since I hadn't been to the Eads Clinic since October, I was pleasantly surprised to see how beautifully the lobby and rooms look after being repainted and with new flooring. It is nice to see color rather than white-white. I commented to Stephanie Sewell that the only thing I missed was fine wall art. She said that in the future they will be hanging black and white photographs of Kiowa County by Braylynn (Peck) Eder. I am pleased because that will give her a chance to use her New Jersey Art College experience.

Alizabeth (Liz) Hulteen enlarges and delights the lives of her Hebrew students on Tuesdays. Last week was another extraordinary class where she told the story of Queen Esther from the Bible and the terrible man Haman who tried to exterminate the Jews by trickery. She explained the Purim Meal celebration and we enjoyed a lunch of Persian Rice topped with dried fruits and nuts, Kereplach (Hamen Ears) that were a type of dumpling filled with beef and vegetables, and the most extraordinary cookies, called Haman Taschen Hats. These cookies were made with wonderful fruit fillings. Miss Liz also brought blankets that the students were to give to a person in need and she made containers of the cookies which her students were to put in decorated baskets or containers to give to a good friend. Plus, we have some homework to do. We love this dear lady who is teaching us so much about the Jewish people, their language, and customs.

Trey Eder has announced the spring sports schedule for track and field meets and baseball games. The first track meet will be in Lamar March 24, and the ball game with Swink will be in Eads March 20. 

We want the editors of the Kiowa County Press to know that we really do enjoy looking at your colorful Press covers, and I especially like the "Pages from the Past" box. Chris and Jeanne tell me that there are many more happenings listed from the past in the internet version of each Press.

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