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Doris Lessenden

“Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due when it is in your power to act.” Proverbs 3:27

In regard to the scripture above, I ask myself and you, Readers, what have you done lately to help people around you or far away? I remind myself now, I need to write that check for Samaritan’s Purse to help with those devastated people in the aftermath of the hurricanes, and I NEED to take time to call my friend, the “caretaker” of her husband, plus I WANT to write another check to help the Prairie Pines Raffle, and this is another time when I think…..if I were a millionaire I would enjoy GIVING the money ALL AWAY.

Businesses and individuals are beginning to display the purple and gold Eagle flag designed by Shawn Kraft and sold at the Kiowa HealthMart. Another show of school spirit is that men and women, Eagle fans, have painted Eagle head logos on Maine Street from the railroad to the football field. These logos have the names of athletes painted on them.

Many people from our community and others drove through rain, coming and going to Kit Carson Thursday to the funeral of Allen L. Naugle of Wild Horse. Veterans and the VFW Auxiliary took part in the military service after Ernie Hammer’s family took Allen’s flag-draped coffin up the hill to the cemetery for burial on their horse drawn carriage. My first memory of Allen was when I sang at his and Luanna’s wedding, August 5, 1967. That same day, I sang at the wedding of Joyce (Simmons) and Bill Shade’s wedding in Eads. That was a memorable day.

Gail Voss and Joyce Berry delighted people at the Eads senior citizen monthly noon dinner with chicken and noodles on mashed potatoes that were served with side dishes and desserts. Some of the ladies who went to the District Senior Conference in La Junta told about some of the facts they learned at the meeting. We do appreciate that Eunice Weber comes from her ambulance office to take blood pressure readings of those who want it taken. She also said if we ever want her to take it other times in the month, just stop by her office. During the meeting, Commissioner Cindy McLoud gave us and up-date on funds and grants for our new building. Please note that the November Thanksgiving Dinner will be Wednesday, November 14, and not the day before Thanksgiving. The brunch will be Thursday, November 1, at 10:00 a.m. We were pleased to have candidates. Cindy McLoud, Diana Flory, and Butch Roberson come to speak to our group. 

Haswell senior citizens met for their monthly evening dinner. Wanda and Virgil Lessenden made a spaghetti supper for the guests, who brought side dishes.

Last Thursday, parents and teachers conferred about their child’s progress in school. I commend the parents who took the time to talk to the teachers. I write that because I remember that often the students whose parents should have come didn’t.

The Crow-Luther Cultural Events Center Board met to discuss architectural plans for the two buildings next to the theatre. President Betsy Barnett informed them of future plans for the use of theatre. The public may like to know that the theatre can be rented to birthday parties of all ages, or for weddings, or other meetings for a minimal fee. Just call Mrs. Barnett for details and a place on the calendar.

Ballots have been sent out, so let’s study the blue book. There are some good debates on television I have discovered. There was an excellent debate between Jared Polis and Walker Stapleton on Rocky Mountain PBS last Thursday night. Please be an informed voter.

Eboni Nash, senior at Hastings College in Nebraska, is excited to have been accepted to Harvard University for Graduate School. Now she has a decision to make because she was offered a job in Chicago upon her college graduation.

Rev. George and Ruth Anne Hesse of Greeley enjoyed staying at the Eads Cobblestone Inn several days. They are members of Laura Negley’s home church in Greeley. The Hesse’s said they visited with interesting birdwatchers Friday, and Saturday afternoon, they visited the Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site north of Chivington. The park rangers tell us that hundreds of tourists come monthly to visit the park which, I add, also brings business to our local establishments and eating places.

Prairie Pines is hosting a chili cook-off Thursday, October 25, at 6:00 p.m. The public is invited to bring a pot of chili for others to taste. After the taste-judging, bowls will be set out for guest to eat chili for supper. People may bring a finger food or dessert.

Delores Rector was hosted with 91st birthday party during the weekly coffee hour. Delores is often remembered as one of the beloved school cooks. Cindy Newman wrote and read a lovely biography about Delores that brought tears to some of our eyes. She and her veteran husband raised two girls, Jeanie and Rene.

The Volleyball games with Cheraw were really exciting last Friday as well as the football game. The Eagles were victorious in the high school games. Next Friday, October 26, the volleyball team will be in district playoffs, and the boys football team will be playing at Hugo that night.