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Doris Lessenden, Community Columnist
Published Tuesday, April 26, 2016
Doris Lessenden
by Doris Lessenden

By Doris Lessenden

"Life is short, Live it to the fullest. It has an expiration date" shared by Lawrence Oswald formerly of Kit Carson.

Eunice Weber, Director of the Kiowa County Ambulance Service, and tireless teacher of first aid and emergency techniques, gave me a yellow slip of paper clarifying my mistake last week. I listed four generous donors who actually donated to the repair paving out at the air port, not the new Helicopter Pad. This is the list of donors who brought the Helicopter pad to fruition in Eads near Prairie Pines: Kiowa County Economic Development Foundation paid for the sand, Jeff Flynn of Lamar All-Rite Paving supplied the cement, John Spano, of Lamar Community College and his college students installed the lights. The lights, sign, and other expenses were paid for by the Kiowa County Ambulance Memorial fund. This reminds me to tell Readers, that Eunice and the other EMT's and Ambulance Drivers would appreciate donations for equipment at any time. To have Ambulances and volunteer staff in our county is vital and much needed in our county. This is a life and death matter. Lee Brown formerly of Chivington reminded me once that "Life is fragile".

 The Eads High School Prom was beautifully decorated in neon colors for the Moonlight Glow theme. Bryce Batterton was crowned Prom King and Savanna Gyurman was the Queen of the 2016 Prom. Other senior attendants were Brooklyn Lenox and Chyann Sewell and Dylan Dixon and Reagan Lane. Young Audrey Mitchek and Mason Sierra were the crown bearers. Senior parents hosted an all night "After Prom Party" which is a good tradition at Eads High. Students have games and foods to eat after they change to casual clothes. I heard that the students had such a lot of fun on the climbing wall that the Sheriff's Deputies had on the rock patio. During the night they have drawings for tremendous and great gifts given from donations by organizations and individuals. Now-a-days Freshman and Sophomore students can go to the Prom and After Prom Party since our school population is lower. It seems to be a nice social experience for the youth. We have such good kids in our school. I think they deserve a good time. If you are fortunate to be Honeybelle Dixon's friend of Face Book you may be able to see photos of those beautiful gowns and guys in dress suits.

That same night, April 23rd Kemma Eikenberg of Eads married Bob Alfano in the Haswell United Methodist Church. Their reception was in the Haswell Community Building where they had a beautiful cake and scrumptious meal for the guests. Brothers and sisters of the couple spoke blessings of the couple at the Reception. Since Darwin Nelson was playing fabulous music and great light shows at the Eads Prom, he asked Shane and Pam Lessenden use his other equipment so the Eikenberg-Alfano guests could "dance the night away" at their reception-dinner.

Don and Darlene Jones called from Bloomington, Illinois to ask about the tornado around Eads a week ago that they heard about. They were surprised to hear that there were three tornados that went to the ground but didn't hurt people or structures. They send their greetings to Friends who read the Kiowa County Press.

The "Mountain Man" who sells candies and health snacks comes to Eads on the third Thursday morning each month. He usually parks his white truck in front of the Kiowa County National Bank. I am so glad I saw him and drove around the block to buy some good nutty and dried fruit snacks.

Dora Pearcey's brother-in-law, Winfred Wilson, has passed. Winni lived in the Weisbrod ECU for several years and we grew to like him a lot. He was a WWII veteran who was willing to tell us stories about his experiences and also his wife, the former, Myrna Pearcey. They lived in Lamar after moving from Sheridan Lake in the early years.

The FFA chapter had a barnyard day last Thursday. When I went to the school, I saw little pigs, lambs, and goats and Joey Burk riding a Palomino hoarse around the big green tractors that were on display in the north play yard. Friday some of the members went out for a workday at Jackson's Pond. They had an Officer's Breakfast that day and also ended their Can Drive.

 Friends of Perry Middleton who has run the Gun and Out Door Sports Store near the KLMR station are in shock to hear of his sudden death at home. His wife, Bev (Borns), found him at noon when she came home from work. We need to pray for their families and the future.

 Again, I write..."Life is fragile"....let us be ready. I ask you, do you have your will written? Do you have insurance and plan for a funeral? Do have a written list of your possessions and to whom they go? Do you have a Power of Attorney? Do you have an emergency plan and extra money to live on? Readers, I urge you to plan ahead while you are able.

There was really a good turnout of movie goers for the "God is Not Dead 2" movie last week-end. It was even more interesting to us who went to the Fathom Event: "Winter Jam" on Monday night. This Documentary featured the Christian rock band, "Newsboys" who were shown several times in the movie. We are blessed that our Local Plains Theatre shows the faith based movies as well as the most recently released movies. Other good ones that are coming are; "Criminal" on May 6 to 8 starring Kevin Costner and May 13th to 15th will be "The Jungle Book". Next Tuesday, May 3rd, "Come to the Garden" that is an inspirational show featuring Jennifer Wilder Morgan, Chonda Pierce, Kathie Lee Gifford, and musician, Tyler Michael Smith.

When Robin Musgrave and I went in a little late to the Friday Coffee Hour at Prairie

Pines we were pleasantly surprised to see more towns people there than in weeks before!  It was great.  Linda Eder was there having a Barista Party.  Administrator Linda Watts was helping her to serve many little cups to taste varieties of coffee and tea.  Linda sells these packets of tea and coffee that contain Ganoderma Lucidum, a type of mushroom from China called "King of Herbs".  Linda Eder can tell you other interesting facts by calling her at 719-688-4271.  We also were served tasty moist strawberry cake made by Christina Wolfe.