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Doris Lessenden, Community Columnist
Published Tuesday, May 17, 2016
Doris Lessenden
by Doris Lessenden

By Doris Lessenden

"For I know the plans I have for you" declares the Lord.  "Plans to prosper you and not to harm you; plans to give you HOPE and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

What a beautiful sight to see the Eads graduates clad in their purple graduation gowns and purple mortar board hats parade the hall of the Elementary school!  Both sides of the hall were lined with loudly cheering youngsters and teachers who were clapping and reaching out to touch the senior's hands.  How encouraging and exciting!!  Thank you, Principal Barnett for giving the young ones a vision and goal for their own future.

Loretta Seibel attended the graduation of her granddaughter, Shelby Heathwole, from Kansas State University with her daughter, Theresa and husband, Saturday.

Some highlights from Awards Night:  Fred Turner--Colorado School of Mines Outstanding Junior Student Awards--$1,000.00 scholarship if he attends that college, FBLA Team,  Savanna Gyurman , Madison Kelley, and Emily Gyurman trip to Atlanta, Georgia, Colorado Women Engineer Awards: Savanna Gyurman, Brittanie Newman, and Shyanne Sewell, DAR Good Citizen Award--Rustin Jensen, Principal's Leadership Award--Savanna Gyurman, All Around Student Award--Rustin Jensen, New Student Council Officers:  Fred Turner, Mindy Uhland, Emily Gyruman, and Lauren Brown.  There many other awards that teachers and coaches presented and spoke to the students at the banquet attended by family and friends.   Mr. Nelson particularly acknowledged Nancy Walker and Darryll Adamson and Tim Weeks for their extra work and service around the school campus.

The banquet was arranged by Parent Liaisons who have been behind the scenes all year for their class activities.  Thank you to:  9th grade--Polly Gyurman and Glenda Stoker, 10th--Wendy McDowell and Duff Haase, 11th--Hallie Barlow and Becky Rittgers, 12th:  Candy Batterton and Cindy Newman, 9th -Mandy Brown and Jennifer Shcofield.  Another "Thank You" goes to the Senior Citizen Ceramics class who made and painted Eagle figurines for each senior student.

Mrs. Monica Uhland's Elementary music classes wowed the crowd by singing patriotic songs with such zest at the Spring Concert.  They wore patriotic colored garments as they spoke their parts and sang with motions and rhythm that made the audience respond with lots of smiles and applauding.  Pre-School students with their teachers Mrs. Jill Williams and Mrs. Kayla McLoud, were a big hit at the beginning of the concert with their cute motion songs.

Teri Castle and the Weisbrod Staff provided lots of lively and entertaining activities for National Hospital Week that climaxed the week with a community Barbeque Friday evening.  Although it was breezy most of the diners could eat outside on the tables arranged and decorated by Auxiliary ladies, Linda Trosper, Madonna Pollreis, and my helper friends Mike Arth and Robin Musgrave, and staffers Teri Castle, Renay Crane, Tristen Sheridan, and Kevin Siefkas.   Phil Pollreis played and sang for entertainment from the veranda.

Tuesday was one of the best days at Weisbrod because the weather was calm and beautiful for the 200 balloon lift that was delightful for the 2nd and 3rd grade students who came to spend time and lunch with their Adopted Grandparents.

Wanda Lessenden baked and prepared a wide array of pastries and yummy little sandwiches for the Haswell ladies Tea Wednesday at the Center.  Besides the delicious "fancy" foods is that she and her daughter, Glenda Stoker, serve them on such pretty delicate dishes and the tea from a collection of lovely tea pots.  The ladies shared many laughs and reminiscent memories during the game from the key words on their place card such as "prom, embarrassing moment, speeding ticket, graduation".

Mike and Martha Johnson and Raegan and Morgyn were in Canon, Texas, last week to attend their daughter/sister, Courtney's, graduation from Texas A& M University.   

Karen Eikner Tshmbalanga and daughter, Mina, have been in Colorado and Nebraska from Ohio to visit relatives and friends last week.  Karen is the daughter of Whit and Mary Eikner of Eads and Sandy and Walt Maltbie of Springfield.

Mylenda Mitchell Uy flew to Colorado from California to visit her mother, Virginia Mitchell, at Weisbrod.  All four sisters were here to bless Virginia,  Mylenda Uy of Redondo Beach, Dawna Peck of Eads, Dianna Sniff of Wiley, and Carrie Stavely of Pueblo West.  One of my best memories of her daughters is of their harmonious singing voices on many Pep Club bus trips.

Gloria Peck brought one of her beautiful quilted wall hangings to the Weisbrod ECU dining room.  It has such pretty appliqued bonnet girls with the poem, "Mistress Mary How does your Garden Grow?"  Linda Trosper helped her decorate the shelf with doilies and ceramic figurines.

A week ago, the staff at Prairie Pines and Chef Cristiana Woelf, served an elegant Mother's day tea using the tea cups that were donated by Vivian Gifford several years ago.  Christina had made cream puffs which she cut heads and wings of the pastry to make a swan filled with pudding.  She also prepared other elaborate foods for the delightful day to celebrate mothers in the Senior Center and those who attended.

Rosemary Stoker of Haswell was really tickled when her adult twin sons came to visit on Mother's Day and brought her a big bouquet of flowers.  I heard of and saw pretty bouquets and gifts given to other mothers by their children.  We should never tire of honoring our Mothers and our Fathers.  A reminder: Father's day is June 19th.

At the Regional/State Baseball Play-offs in Denver last week-end the Eads-Kit Carson team won the first game strongly but lost the second game.  They were a great team to watch this year.

This Thursday to Saturday, track men and women will be at the Colorado State Track-and Field Tournament in Denver.  The Eads team has some high ranking contenders plus the returning throwing champion, Brooklyn Lenox.

The Praise Community Church family hosted the Baccalaureate Sunday with Pastors, Delbert Beard, Galen Burnett, Tony Jensen, and Russell Parker leading the Ceremony.    Leisha Peck, pianist, played prelude selections and Kenan Gooden, guitarist played for group singing. Students who participated during the service were, Madison Kelley as a soloist, Fred Turner, Blake Stoker, Molly Kelley, Molly Stolzenberger, Emily Gyurman, Trevor Randel, Mindy Uhland, Dylan Dixon, and Rhett Uhland as singers, readers, greeters to honor the Eads Class of 2016.  The church members served such a nice reception of delicious sandwiches and desserts following the Service.

My favorite song after hearing the gospel concert out at the Chivington Friends Church Saturday night was "I'll Dance Across Heaven".  It was recorded by Andrew Wells of the Armourdairs.  I have thought about wearing red high heels in Heaven for years so this song really spoke to my heart.