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Doris Lessenden, Community Columnist
Published Monday, June 6, 2016
Doris Lessenden
by Doris Lessenden

by Doris Lessenden

The First Annual June Jubilee at the Fair Grounds had a surprising amount of mechanical vehicles, day care equipment, and office items in the Silent Auction.  It was a great chance to bid and get some amazing treasures for bargain prices.  We saw all three Commissioners out there observing and visiting.  The venders inside the community building had wonderful displays and offerings of such things like "yard sale", cosmetics, Fuller Brush items, and works of art and home decorations.  We had lunches two days from the Concession Stand manned by Remington Brandt and his friend, Cammie.

Many people attended the funeral for Bob Laird in Lamar and then his burial in the Eads Cemetery.  Pastor Ian Blacker stated the many friends came to both services who expressed fond memories of Bob as a school bus driver and good friend.  Our community extends our sympathy to his son, Terry and Areta Laird of Eads and Terry's sisters, Cheree and Melody and their families.

June First a number of lady friends from the community went to the Weisbrod ECU to celebrate with Pansy Foxworthy on her 100th birthday.  Teri Castle decorated the dining room with clusters of pastel balloons and pretty banners.  It was great to see Pansy's pleasure when she greeting individually the ladies and Dr. David Lengerts.  She also had another big party on Saturday with many out of town relatives.  Isn't it interesting that Pansy and Ruth Rose who turned 100 years old this spring both graduated in l933 from Eads High and they both live in the ECU!

Lisa Trijilio has moved back to Eads.  Welcome, Lisa!!  She drives to her work at Fort Lyon east of Las Animas.

Dylan Dixon, recent Eads High graduate was invited to play in the Colorado All State 6 and 8 Man Football game at Sterling, Colorado.  Dylan played with the South Team and had a really good time. Dixon was named the "6-Man Player of the Year" earlier in the year and has a banner in the Eads High Hall of Fame.

The Eads Camber of Commerce met last week.  The leaders were grateful to those who grilled hot dogs for the Kids Fishing Day.  Their next project is to sponsor the "Chamber After Hours" on Monday, June 20th.  The speaker will give information on tax credits.  More details will follow.

Linda Trosper came into town to help Marsha Seifkas hang up the "Wedding Ring" quilt that her mother-in-law, Louise Jacobs Seifkas made for her and Kevin 25 years ago.  The ladies have it hanging from the quilt shelf with a photo of the couple after their wedding.

Skyler Longworth of Evans drove to Lamar to get the grandfather, Eldon Longworth, and then to Eads to pick up her grandparents, Jacob and Barb Diel so they could observe her graduation from North Greeley High at the UNC Stadium.  Barb said they had a really good week with their daughter, Cassie's family.

The local Historical Society has been mounting large black marble plaques on some of the older buildings in the community.  More may be delivered later.

The sounds of construction and large machines can be heard most of the day while progress is being made on the north side of town at the new Love's Store and on the South side of town at the All-Right Ready Mix Plant.   The new Co-Op Store has vehicles there getting gas while big rig drivers often get some rest in the parking lot or wash their trucks across the street at Barnett's Car Wash. 

The CLCEC Theatre group met last week to evaluate bands for the Maine Street Bash that will be on July 30th and the up-coming movies.  The business at the Maine Scoop Ice Cream Store is booming as well as Charlie Vasquez's Sunday noon meals.  He is also offering breakfast menus beginning at 7:00 a .m. some mornings.

Sharon Frazee served tasty potato casseroles with sweet rolls and watermelon at the monthly Brunch Thursday at the Senior Center.  Esther McCoin's sister, Fern, from South Dakota and Fern's daughter from Minnesota were guests.  Another guest was Kimmi Clark Lewis who is a candidate for the Colorado House of Representatives.   Kimmi is a dynamic and determined lady who has worked and lobbied for years to keep the government and military from taking her ranch and other ranches in Colorado and the United States.   Her ranch is near Kim, Colorado, and her county seat is in Trinidad that is 100 miles from her home.  This lady has raised six children and travels great distances to speak, to do her ranch work, and is now campaigning.  She urged us to be sure to vote when the Primary ballots come in the mail this month.  She is opposing Tim Dore in this district.

Bud Bennett, the "flag man" on Maine Street says it is surprising how many people stop by to look at his flag collection or to ask directions.   He is frequently asked, "Where is the Museum?" which is right across the street.  People ask about eating places, what stores are available, and the Ice Cream Store.

Lane and Debbie Gooden kept several of their grandchildren last week-end since their daughter, Tiffanie and Jason Muth, gave birth to a baby daughter May 25th.  We saw Deborah getting a box full of foods from Remington and Cammie's stand at the Fair Grounds.

Sheri Kerr was the Chairperson for the annual Relay for Life to celebrate survivors of cancer.  Robin Musgrave was kind to attend with me this year in Lamar the football stadium.  September this year will mark my 11th year as a survivor.  I rejoice.