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About Town – August 19, 2019

Doris Lessenden

“Love your neighbor as yourself” Leviticus 19:18

Last Sunday afternoon, a number of family members and friends of Eboni Nash gathered in the Cobblestone Inn to visit with Eboni, and to wish her well in her new adventure of attending Harvard University of School of Divinity in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Karen Jones served lovely cakes and punch to the guests. Best wishes to our exuberant former Eads High School sportswoman, cheerleader, and campus leader. 

All week, we of the hundreds of people who attended the Alyssa Splitter-Eli Jones wedding have savored the memory of their outdoor wedding near her grandparent’s white country home with the red barn nearby, the two prayer circles, cherry limeades with a sumptuous lunch served by loving family and friends. Precious memories. 

The sudden death of Monty Larrew was a shock to this community, as well as his school communities in the Cayman Islands, where he has been a caring school psychologist and counselor for years. At his funeral in the Eads Community Building, he was remembered for his sports accomplishments and pleasant spirit to numerous mourners, many of whom had to stand. Pastors Lane and Debbie Gooden officiated the service, while Gay Uhland and ladies of the community served a meal following. His Eads family really enjoyed having him home during harvest. While he was here, he had appendectomy surgery, which may have led to the infection that caused his illness that took his life. One of the messages from the service was to love your family and friends and to tell them you love them. I was pleased to see so many of his former classmates, one of whom was David Westeridge, who is an electrical engineer now. He was thankful to the former Heather Batterton for communicating with the class.

Our community extends our sincere sympathy to Lane and Deborah Gooden and their families in the loss of Lane’s mother, Billie Jean Gooden, August 13. Mrs. Gooden lived most of her life on their ranch near Pritchett, except for when she lived in Eads on Kerr Street. She attended many ball games to watch her grandchildren, Tiffanie and Kenan Gooden, Bleu Ellis, and Jaret Shioshita.

While at Prairie Pines Friday, we were happy to see the “Gentle Giant,” Marvin Watts, now of Texas, but always remembered in Eads for his sports days when the Denver newspapers dubbed him the Gentle Giant. He was visiting his Mother, Shirley.

The five Blooding sisters, Mickie, Areta, Shaleta, Mary, and Sylvia met at a resort in California for a summer visit a week ago.

The school yard was bustling with children happily playing while their parents were visiting with teachers in the Open House last Thursday evening. We went especially buy homemade ice cream and cookies, which was the fundraiser for the “Future Teacher Scholarship.” When we were there, Linda Offill, Dawn James, Sue Fox, Mark and Deb Imel were serving.

Jan Richards was successful in obtaining a sizable check from the Tri-Oaks West Hog Farm to help fund the county fair breakfasts September 12-13. Jan said, “They have helped us in the past, as did their predecessors.” There is a need for volunteers to help cook the breakfast.

Taylor and Jordan (Sniff) Weirich were hosted with a baby shower at the Cobblestone Inn last Saturday. Best wishes to the young couple, who live in Eads.

Shirley Nelson has been in the nursing home or a hospital since last year but last week she was so happy to have a doctor come from Denver to spend most of the day with her to give her hope that her sight is better, and she just needs to gain more strength to go home. Besides these problems, Shirley suffers from post-polio syndrome. But she has a pleasant attitude through it all.

Citizens appreciate the good way Randy Paradise takes such good care of the lawns and property around the ten Unity Village apartments and Town Hall. Thank you, Randy, for being a good employee and friend to the folks who live there.

What a delight to see the “Lion King” movie in the Plains theatre. One of the next family type movies is “Dora” August 2-4.

Last weekend there was a huge golf tournament at the Eads course. With all the rain we have had, our county is looking more verdant than ever. We love it because in past years our lands have mostly been brown pasture lands.

The hospital staff had a big yard sale Saturday. They took some “left overs” to the Salvation Army Store and saved small things for the school “store” where children can earn points to shop there.

School is in full swing in Eads. The volleyball team had a scrimmage in Lamar Saturday, and their first match will be at Springfield August 22. Football fans can watch the first game will be at the Eads field on August 30.

The county fair is September 11-15. We want to encourage people to prepare their Open Class exhibits to show. Exhibitors can bring their entries Wednesday from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. or Thursday between 7:00 and 9:00 a.m. for judging. However, Krystal Eikenberg, Administrative Assistant in the Extension Office, needs those entry forms by 4:00 p.m. Friday, September 6, or send them by email.