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Doris Lessenden, Community Columnist
Doris Lessenden
by Doris Lessenden

   "In life, trust in those who can see these three things; your sorrow behind your smile, your love despite your anger, and the reason for your silence."  Geronimo Braveheart

    35 years ago on January 7th on a sunny day in Puerto Rico, Deborah and Lane Gooden were married.  They began their years of teaching and coaching in Haswell Elementary in our county.  Now they are retired but teaching part-time at Eads High and Elementary Schools.  What a blessing this dear couple has been to our school, our Christian community, and the ranching community.  They were blessed with two children, Tiffanie and Kenan, and now have six grandchildren.  Happy Anniversary to the Goodens!!! 

      Saturday morning a number of friends and family gathered at the Haswell Community Building for a pot luck meal and to honor and recount the life of Mike Davis who died in the fire at his home in December.  

      Another memorial gathering that morning was held at the Eads Praise Community Church to honor the life of Mary Ann Hulteen of Eads.  Pastor Tony Jensen officiated the service that was followed by a very nice meal served by the church family.  The fresh flowers were pretty, particularly the four tea cups and white tea pot that were filled with small pink and lavender tea roses that represented her four granddaughters, Autumn, Lacy, Adrienne, and Cory.  These were linked together with wide pink ribbons.

       Alicia James, after her graduation from college in Texas, went to New Mexico to visit her sister, Jessica, who works for the government as an accountant.  Alicia is now seeking a job preferably in the political "world".

      Jake Fox has been working in many different states in his engineer job.  Currently his job is in Mexico for about six weeks.  Between job assignments with a conveyer company, he returns to his home that he bought in Salina, Kansas, where he went to college at Kansas Wesleyan.   Jake went to college on a baseball scholarship so his mother, Sue Fox and sometimes his Dad, Art, could go to some of his baseball games around the states.  I think they enjoyed the games in Arizona the best.

    When we were at the Prairie Pines Coffee Hour Friday, June Blooding, remarked that "It was really quiet here last evening."  After I asked her "Why was that?"   She said, "Evelyn Garner usually goes to the Post Office Thursday afternoon to get the Kiowa Press and then Evelyn reads it and they talk about it."  Well, I think there were a lot of people who felt rather "lost" last week because they couldn't hold a press to read it.  However one can read the Press if you have access to the internet by clicking into this address: http://kiowacountypress.net/

    Last Wednesday was the Annual Auxiliary Bingo Games at the Weisbrod ECU where a number of residents came out to play.  The ladies brought envelopes of money for the Bingo Prizes.  Several members, Opal Miner, LaVerle Kelley, Madonna Pollreis, Mary Hart, Alice Glover, and Doris Lessenden came to help.  Linda Trosper provided a variety of Little Debbie's pastries that the residents liked at refreshment time.

     Next Wednesday, January 20th is the monthly Eads and Haswell Senior Citizens meetings.  In Eads, it will be a noon potluck meal and in Haswell it will be an evening pot luck.  At Eads, it is customary to bring a salad, vegetable, casserole, or dessert, but if not, one can leave a donation of about $3.50 in the container near the sign in door which can help pay for the main dish or meat.

     I visited with Cliff Johnston on the phone last week.  He is a former rancher from Arlington who now lives in Green Gardens in La Junta.  He is still interested in news about people around Haswell and Arlington and the county.  We miss seeing him come to the Christmas Cantatas.  Cliff and Philomene Liesen were good friends from their childhood where they grew up in the prairie areas near Sugar City.

      Friday and Saturday there were really good high school basketball games in Eads and Stratton that the Eads Eagles won.  Some people were surprised to see how rough the opposing team was on Friday.  Early in the game two of our young men were on the bench with leg injuries plus there was another starter who couldn't play because of dental surgeries.   It was indeed good to see how well some younger players stepped up with good player skills to do really well during the games.   This week, Eagle Fans can see Middle School games beginning at 2:00 p.m. and High school Basketball at 4:00 p.m. with High Plains schools.   Our Wrestling team is competing well and will be in Limon on Thursday night and in Walsh on Saturday.

      Honeybelle Dixon posted lovely smiling photos of our cheerleaders and the basketball games.  The Cheerleaders are:  Madison Kelley, Reagan Johnson, Kelly Ramos and Molly Stolzenberger who lead under the watchful eye of their Sponsor, Jodi Stolzenberger.  We really do appreciate seeing Mrs. Dixon's wonderful photos of the players and the fans.

       Our Ambulance Staff and EMT volunteers have been so busy lately.  A number of people (young and older) have become so sick at home or have had falls that there have been lots of calls for an ambulance.  We are grateful to the young men and women who are studying to gain skills under the director, Eunice Weber.

      The Eads Chamber of Commerce met last Wednesday.  The next big project we plan to do is to serve the Snow Goose Breakfast Sunday, February 20th.  However four of our active couple members are going to be out-of-town, so I am making a plea now for volunteers to help us fry bacon, flip pancakes, and scramble eggs.

     Another date senior citizens may not know about it that the first Wednesday of the Month at noon people can meet at the Center to eat "Meals on Wheels" and if they wish can stay to play cards or board games.  It is important that one call Areta Laird to order a meal if they want a meal which is cooked and brought from Lamar.

   If people would like to learn what movies are showing, just go to the Internet, type in plainstheatre.net and you can see the listing and even see some trailers (previews).  There were lots of free movies last week on the series of "StarWars."

    May I remind people that there is a shortage of homes in this town to buy and rent.  I encourage folk who can to re-model, fix-up, or build more housing for workers or people who want to live in Eads America.

     It is exciting to see the progress on the Eads Consumers Truck Stop construction on the north side of town.  It will be great and just can not come soon enough!   

      Do stop by the Main Scoop Shop (side door to Plains Theatre) to see and buy some of the school girls' baking and cooking.  Their candies, cookies, and flavored pop corn products are very tasty.  They also sell pre-mixed packages of bread that all you need to mix them is a can of flavored soda pop or beer.

      We are not given a good life or a bad life.  We are given a life.  It's up to us to make it good or bad. (from a calendar).  Let us remember that the reason people resist change is because they focus on what they have to give up instead of what they can gain.