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Doris Lessenden, Community Columnist
Published Sunday, March 26, 2017
Doris Lessenden
by Doris Lessenden

By Doris Lessenden

"Light is shed upon the righteous and joy on the upright in heart". Psalm 97: 11

The KCHD (Kiowa County Hospital District) hosted a two-day Health Fair last week. Hospital staff and Auxiliary ladies worked together to offer tests and educational services I saw Pharmacist, Dr. Tom Davis, Chiropractor Dr. Meredith Koch-Cordova, and Weisbrod's Dr. David Lenderts answering questions and offering services. County Nurse Whitney Barnett and two men from Lamar and La Junta who work with the Southeast Medical Clinic had three booths. We always look forward to seeing the three Mobile Nurses from Pueblo's Parkview Hospital come. This year they were dressed in bright pink and black outfits and busy giving bone density tests. When I was writing a check for the AirMedCare Transportation Insurance via Helicopter, the man, Bob Walter, told me I could write my check for $35.00 rather than $65.00 since I live in Eads. That is because the Town of Eads Board covers the in-town residents till December. That was a nice surprise! Thank you, Town of Eads Board!

At the Cobble Stone Inn last Monday, Dr. David Lenderts, who is a conservation enthusiasts and the medical doctor in charge at Weisbrod gave a talk on renewable energy. He shared his research and use of using solar energy from solar panels on his home near Alamosa. His bill from the electric company is about $8.00 a month! He gave the audience several tips as a consumer plus many hand-outs. This talk was another educational presentation brought to our community by the Eads Chamber of Commerce and the Kiowa County Economic Development Foundation. Jan Richards of the KCEDF supplied delicious foods prepared by Cobble Stone Manager Raina Lynch and staff.

Pastor Tony and Kelli (Rouse) Jensen, Rustin and Duff were honored with a Farewell Pot Luck last Sunday after worship at Praise Church. I have watched this beloved couple and family for about 23 years as the have grown in faith and shared with the community. I admire how they have reached out in love and teaching.

Bart Michael took his sons, Aiden and Ty, to the Regional Junior High Wrestling Tournament in Pueblo last week-end.

Last week we were astounded to see trees all over town bursting out in bloom in the third week of March. This week even more shrubs, tube plants and perennials are in bloom. We hope the sleet and rain that fell on Friday will nourish the plants.

When I looked at Glenda Stoker's 196 photos of the McClave Track Meet last Thursday, I thought the athletes were running in fog, then I remembered it was DUST!

The Weisbrod staff had a pot luck lunch last Wednesday to thank and warmly say farewell to Tristen Sheridan who has resigned as CEO of Weisbrod. After observing a series of administrators since the l970's, I think she is one of the more capable and approachable administrators we have ever been blessed to have.

Lori (Weirich) and Kyle Elder posted several happy honeymoon photos from the Dominican Republic.

Jennifer Schofield has announced that she will have the JJ's Ranch House open from Monday through Saturday now. Her health has improved enough to be open on Tuesday 


Cooks at the Gas and Grill make yummy doughnuts two mornings a week. They remind me of Betty Shotton's Daylight Donut shop where the McCracken-Pearson's are putting in a new diesel mechanic repair shop.  We had those good treats last Wednesday morning.

Friends of Doug Rouse celebrated his birthday with him last week at the Weisbrod Extended Care Unit. This week on Friday the 31st we will celebrate Jeannie Strong's birthday which is on April 1. Jeannie has been bed ridden for many years but she still has such a sweet spirit. She is a prayer warrior for many of us. At the Prairie Pines, June Blooding celebrated her 91st birthday Sunday and Monday and Bunnie Larrew celebrated her big day on Tuesday.

What an alarming discovery when we looked for an address of a yard sale recently! There are so many homes that do not have visible or readable address numbers! It would be tragic if an ambulance or fire truck was called to one those homes that do not have street numbers. Numbers are an economical buy at NAPA, or one could borrow a permanent marker from me. This is a serious lapse of responsibility of home owners and renters to help first responders and maybe visitors.