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About Town – April 1, 2024

Doris Lessenden

About Town – April 2, 2024

Doris Lessenden

It was gratifying to read the names of the area young ladies whose names were listed on the Eads GNBank ad as more outstanding players following the Colorado State Basketball Tournament. Class 1A First Team: Sedonia Isenbart - Stratton and Abrielle Gomez – McClave; Second Team Anna Wollert – Eads and Lindsey Mayhan - Kit Carson; Honorable Mention: Paige Ryser - Cheyenne Wells, Sophia Isenbart - Stratton, McKayla Kiniston -McClave, Paige Booker-Rady - Kit Cason, Zoe Martinez - McClave Marissa Valenzuela – Granada, Lainee Leathers - Springfield, Ashlynn Steinbrunn - McClave, Tailee Weeks-Johnson and Lexi Shotton of Eads, Avery Johnson and Nadaya Buttery-Kit Carson, Ailyah Muth - Cheyenne Wells, KJ Phillips – Wiley, Shaylee Scheler. When one studies this list, one can see that a number of girls are freshmen and sophomores. It is exciting to think, “Wow, what potential some of those teams have for a bright future in basketball.”

The boys list I read was shorter, or maybe more young men will be listed this week. Here are the basketball players from this area of the state, listed on the All Mile High Class 1A First Team: Cory Hill and Carson Noe - Cheyenne Wells, Tuff Kelley - McClave, Cyler Nutter-Stratton, Porter Spady - Eads, Conner Forgue - McClave, Maddox Coleman – Granada Second Team Von Isenbart – Stratton, Colby Batterson – Springfield; Honorable Mention Zach Dickey - Cheyenne Wells, Perry Chadwick - Cheyenne Wells, Ethan Bronniman - McClave, Ray Mungaray - McClave, Jose Gallardo - Stratton, Rustin Williams - Stratton, - Jonus Guevara - Granada, Evan Larrick - Wiley, Rhett McDonald - Wiley, Brentley Lening - Eads, Stockton Mitchek – Eads.

I want to write thank you to all the coaches and parents who train and encourage the youth in each school community. Thank you, also, to the teachers, school board members, cheerleaders, bus drivers, and loyal fans who care for and support the various sports and competitive groups. I do miss going to lots of games, track meets, Knowledge Bowls, and other school events.

All the places around the tables at the Eads Senior Citizen Center were filled last week at their monthly lunch. They certainly must have enjoyed that yummy corned beef and cabbage with roasted red potatoes and carrots with gravy. Gail cooks the beef nine hours for tenderness. President Sylvia Weeks chaired a short meeting to announce upcoming events at the center. We were so glad to have Rich and Diane O’Brian back with us. They had been traveling and then not well for several months, but now Rich is doing much better.

Carl Blodgett brought delight to the Weisbrod residents last week when he brought up one of his baby goats for us to see and admire. I had not ever seen a little goat. It was darling, and so affectionate! Its name is “Valentine” because of a small heart on its forehead. Its mother had four babies at once, so she didn’t want to care for it. Carl is a good caretaker of goats - and people too. We love him here at the Extended Care Unit.

Family and friends celebrated Rick Spady last week at a noon lunch at the courthouse, and Sunday afternoon at a wonderful party at the Haswell Community Building. They were thankful for his 40 years as an employee of the county road and bridge department.

The Crow Luther Cultural Event Center hosted a wonderful and classy talent show last Friday. It was more special because of the attractive stage settings, but more so because the Master of Ceremonies was the lovely and gracious Deborah Gooden. She added so much to the evening by telling interesting facts about each young boy or girl. You could tell that she was a former educator by the way she bent down to talk to the little ones and encouraged all ages. We saw lots of humor, tumbling, good singing, comedy acts, duets and solos, plus piano solos and an amazing, timed act of working with Rubik Cubes. Here are the names of precious youngsters and great teenagers who displayed their talents: Brasen and Garren Wollert, Lydia and Prestyn Keplar, Yuki Brooks, Miranda Keplar with Dekoda Lowe, and Saige Sagner, Charlie Prince, Miles Frey, Aspen Muehlbauer, Kalem Gooden, Kyce Gooden, Jessalyn Joy Johnson, Kalex Gooden, Jaselyn Muth, Kytan Gooden, Devrah Muth, Matthew Peterson, Alexis Maldonado, and Asher Muehlbauer. Some of these youth appeared two times on stages in a different act or talent. It was great! At the end of the show, they took photos of the whole group, which will be a treasure in years to come.

As we passed the site of the newest business last week, we saw surprising progress on constructing the new Dollar Store. It is just east of the Travelors Lodge motel, where black pavement has been laid and a nice parking lot has been paved.