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About Town – June 10, 2024

Doris Lessenden

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own insight.”  Proverbs 3.5 (NRSUVUE)

Thought for the day, which goes with this devotion scripture is, “No matter my trials, I am in God’s hands.” That gives me a feeling of security knowing that all things will work out to my or our benefit.

As I was thinking about what was the highlight of last week, a big event didn’t come to mind - except that it rained! In some places, about two inches fell, and in other places in Kiowa County, it rained a little less. But it rained, and we are so thankful! I was so glad to see that the prairies are getting a little greener between here and Kit Carson Sunday when Pastor Tom Barton was driving me to church.

I understand that farmers in the area are preparing their land or are planting their crop seeds.   One can tell that branding of cattle is happening in our area when one sees several horse trailers and pickups around JJ’s Restaurant or Hometown Gas and Grill, where cowboys often stop for cool drinks or gathering for a meal if one isn’t served at the ranch site. I am pleased when I see photos of my “city-girl’” niece, Eve, who loves to come to Eads and help with branding when her grandfather, Dwight, or uncle, Tearle, take her along to branding day at a friend’s ranch.

Congratulations to Will Crow, who had been attending Northwestern Kansas Technical College in Goodland, Kansas, for the last two years.  He had a large delegation of family and friends from Colorado who attended his graduation. It was good to see that he was able to be a part of the college shooting team. This was a skill he learned while being a Prairie Queen 4-H club member in Kiowa County. Will’s parents are Cory Crow and Danielle and Jessie Dienes. Best wishes to a fine young man, who has often worked in his grandparent’s, Keith and Jennifer Crow, at the Stop and Shop grocery store in Eads.

RaLei Voss graduated from high school from the Goal Academy in Lamar last weekend. The ceremony was held at the Lamar Community College campus for a large number of students. There were over 300 students in the online school. ReLei had many relatives who traveled distances to see her graduate. We at Weisbrod were happy to see her grandmother, Terri Voss, dressed up early in the morning so RaLei’s mother, Andrea, from Haswell to come drive her to Lamar. The family had a wonderful lunch in the new Tavern Inn that is a part of the former Cow Palace Inn.

I did not have space when I wrote about the Eads High School graduation to tell you the names of the junior escorts. According to tradition, the two junior students with the highest gradepoint average have the honor to be the escorts for the graduating seniors. They were Colin Nelson and Landri Tuttle.

Connor Lynch is an Eads student who won chenille sports letters at awards programs from three schools this year. He is a young man who is dedicated to running track.  This year, he earned enough points in track competitions to receive an orange and black “L” from Lamar High School for fall semester. Winter semester, Connor traveled with the Plainview Hawks to earn a blue and white “P” letter, and for spring semester, he earned an “E” from his home school, the Eads Eagles!  What a great start to a life-long healthy sport since a person could/can walk or run as long as they are physically able.  How about you? Do you get out or go to the gym daily or every other day?  That is good advice.

Last Wednesday, Assistant Activity Director Linda (Adamson) Hopkins urged the Weisbrod residents and helper staff to get outside a half hour earlier than usual because it was going to be hotter that day. We were interested to see changes happening on Maine Street.  Chad and Trista Tuttle bought the former senior citizen building on the corner of Maine and 12th Streets. Plans are in the works for a new venture there.  Across the street, a man in a big blue machine that lifts workers up high was painting trim on the bank.  On down the block in front of the former Kelly Hardware store is a big black trailer of wood.  The man or men there are designing an entryway and front rafters. There is a lot of speculation among the citizens about what kind of a store is this going to be.  One of the most attractive yards that we saw was the former Dan and Evelyn Garner home. It is owned by Lonnie and Debbie (Watts) Eder now. Their front yard is so impressive, with small rocks designed with areas of well-groomed grass and pretty plants. 

The Eads Chamber of Commerce met to discuss the next important project of hosting the awards and meal at Prairie Pines Assisted Living Community June 23 at 5:00 p.m., with the program at 6:00 p.m. to announce the “Citizen of the Year,” “Volunteer of the Year,” and “Business of the Year.” The new doctor, Erick, and Gretel Ritch others will be introduced.

Happy summer days to you.  Why not go to summer youth ball games at the north end of Maine Street?