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All Things Plainview… - April 7, 2024

Building - Plainview School © - Jeanne Sorensen
Ruth Fees

March 27, the elementary students had their Easter egg hunt, which was followed by a party.

March 29, the junior high track team went to a McClave for a practice meet. Also, on Friday, the Plainview Booster Club hosted a Pie and Paint Party from 3:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m. Members of the community gathered to paint and eat pie. Carol Allen, former Plainview pre-school teacher and resident artist, was there to help all the budding artists.

March 30, the high school track team traveled to Elbert, Colorado to compete in the Kiowa Klassic.

Play practice has begun in earnest. Members of the community and Plainview students and staff will be presenting The Curse of the Cobra’s Kiss May 4.

There is a tie for the name of the Hawk (Plainview’s mascot): Hunter or Hercules.  As of this printing, the tie hasn’t been broken.

Collage of photos of student and staff activities at Plainview School in Kiowa County, Colorado.