The best backyard play equipment to create a kids’ wonderland

The best backyard play equipment to create a kids’ wonderland

Feature Staff

A favorite childhood pastime among many children is playing at the playground. You can bring that same level of play to your own backyard by creating an epic setup using the best play equipment. Ready to get started? Keep reading to learn more about the types of equipment you can use to start building your kids a wonderland of play.

Play surfaces

The first and easiest decision to make is to decide what the equipment will rest upon: grass, woodchips, or another surface. Safety is a top priority, so choose a material or surface that is easy to walk and run on. Be careful when installing these surfaces, as a mistake could cause avoidable injuries.

Swing sets

A classic piece to add to any playground is a swing set. You can often purchase an individual swing set and build your own setup, or you could find a structure that combines all of the elements below. Try something more creative and install a tire swing to make the activity more appealing.


You might want to opt for a covered sandbox instead of an uncovered sandbox so that you can reduce your child’s exposure to the sun—especially if they like to spend a lot of time in the sand. Try positioning a sandbox beneath a play platform attached to the top of a slide. This will leave the perfect amount of room for standing or even jumping while providing constant shade.


Place a toy bin near the sandbox, so there are always digging instruments nearby.


Slides are an iconic element to include when you’re creating a backyard wonderland. This play equipment comes in a variety of shapes and sizes that are fun for kids of all ages.

Monkey bars

Expand the size of your kids’ play area and create an extra dexterity challenge by adding monkey bars. Just make sure there is a soft surface underneath to prevent accidental injury should a child fall.


Playhouses provide a great place for your kids to escape when they want to stay outside but don’t necessarily want to climb the play equipment. This encourages a different form of play and simulates a safe space.

Creating a playground in your backyard can encourage your kids to get out of the house and interact with the outdoors. What kinds of equipment will you include in your backyard wonderland?