CDOT Employee Dies After Being Hit by Vehicle

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Published Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Colorado Department of Transportation announced that one of its employees, Nolan Olson, has died after being struck by a vehicle. Olson was working February 2 filling potholes on US Highway 160 in Pagosa Springs when he was hit and received severe injuries. He was taken to St. Anthony's Hospital in Lakewood, where he died Sunday from his injuries.

Olson had worked for CDOT as an equipment operator for 14 years, and lived in Pagosa Springs. Coworkers described his death as a tremendous loss. 

"Nolan possessed a wealth of knowledge about CDOT, was a true role model to his co-workers and was diligent in his work," said Billy McDermott, the CDOT maintenance supervisor who manages the Pagosa Springs patrol. "Nolan faced every day with a great and positive attitude. Every member of his patrol looked up to him. Nolan gave guidance for work tasks and was able to share the history of the patrol, CDOT and Pagosa area whenever asked."    

McDermott added that Mr. Olson was an accomplished equipment operator and was always willing to find a more efficient way of doing things or trying to save the organization and taxpayer money.

"We lost an incredible team member in Nolan. He was the type of person who would not have wanted his loss to have gone without shining a spotlight on the risks that our crews take every day when they go out on the roads to serve the public," added Michael Lewis, Executive Director of CDOT. "Not only do I want the public to understand the type of man that Nolan was, I also want the public to know and understand the care needed when driving on our highways. A driver's undivided attention to the road will ensure we are able to come home to our families."

Fellow CDOT employees, families and friends created a Go Fund Me website to help provide financial support to Mr. Olson's family. To contribute to the fund, visit:

Details about Mr. Olson's memorial services have not been announced.