Cheyenne Wells Invitational Track Meet April 13, 2018

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Published Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Cheyenne Wells High School Track Field

9:00 Scratch Meeting

9:30 Coaches Meeting



Boys Discus   [80']

Girls Long Jump   [IO']

Girls High Jump   [4']

Boys High Jump   [5']

Boys' Long Jump   [12']

Girls Shot Put  [20']



Girls 800 Sprint Medley Relay  [Final]

Boys 3200 M Relay  [Final]

Girls 3200 M Relay  [Final]

Girls 100 M Hurdles  [Final]

Boys 100 M Hurdles  [Final]

Girls 100 M Dash  [Final]

Boys 100 M Dash  [Final]





Girls 800 M Relay   [Final]

Boys 800 M Relay   [Final]

Girls 1600 M Run   [Final]

Boys 1600 M Run  [Final]

GIRLS 400 M Relay  [Final]

Boys 400 M Relay  [Final]

Girls 400 M Dash  [Final]

Boys 400 M Dash  [Final]

Girls 300 M Hurdles  [Final]

Boys 300 M Hurdles   [Final]

Girls 800 M Run   [Final]

Boys 800 M Run   [Final]

Girls 200 M Dash   [Final]

Boys 200 M Dash  [Final]

Girls 3200 M Run  [Final]

Boys 3200 M Run  [Final]

Girls 1600 M Relay   [Final]

Boys 1600 M Relay  [Final]

Girls/Boys Weightman's Relay  [Final]



Boys Triple Jump [25']

Girls' Triple Jump [22']

Girls' Discus  [60']

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