Clear signs it’s time to buy a new bicycle

Clear signs it’s time to buy a new bicycle

Feature Staff

Many bikes on the market nowadays can withstand the test of time because of their high-quality materials and fabrication. Whether your existing bicycle is decades old or has suffered an impact, the decision to invest in a new one is an important one. There are many signals your bike may send that let you know it’s time to buy a new one. Let’s look at a few!

The cost to repair is significant

Some repairs are worth it, and others may cost you more than you’re ready to pay. If the cost to repair essential functions of your bike is rather significant or more than the bike’s value, consider investing in a newer model. It’s also worth noting this does not negate any routine inspections or maintenance that a bicycle needs to operate optimally.

New models outrank your current model

If you find a newer bicycle model and feel it’s better than your current one, consider upgrading. Right now, electric bikes are on the rise for a variety of reasons, from commuting accommodations to enhanced ride capabilities. Before you consider one of these, ensure you find a reputable electric bike dealer to know that your purchase comes with protections.

Bad accidents or extreme levels of impact

If you experience an accident or impact of any type, your bike will require inspection and replacement. It’s an unfortunate event, but a bike is replaceable—your safety comes first. It’s also worth noting that sometimes a bike may appear fine on the surface, but its balance, chain system, or braking may have suffered on impact.

Replacement or spare parts are hard to come by

Any time a device, piece of equipment, or appliance gets old, replacement parts become scarce as time goes on. This is especially true of bicycles. If the repairs require a part that you can’t find, this might be a clear sign it’s time to buy a new one. Another factor to consider is that the cost to acquire a part you need may be significantly higher because of the location and quantity available.

The wrap up

When you ride your bike often, it’s hard to come to terms with needing to buy a new one. Trust the process, and when it’s time to upgrade, embrace the experience of a new set of wheels or an electric motor.