Michelle Wyckoff - Community Columnist

A Day in the Life             

By Michelle Wyckoff

Bluetooth.  Described by someone in cyberspace as “a telecommunications industry specification that describes how mobile phones, computers and personal data assistants (PDAs) can be easily interconnected using a short-range wireless connection.  Described by me as “one of the seven wonders of the world”, right behind tweezers,, facial moisturizer, the Grand Canyon, new haircuts, cars that park themselves,  and sock monkeys.

I’ve finally reached the twenty first century.  My car has “bluetooth.”  It’s a wonderful invention that lets me talk to anyone I want to while driving by merely pushing a button on the steering wheel and having a wonderful voice speak to me. We’ve come along way from “Breaker 1-9 Good Buddy.  Red Rover, are you still knockin on my back door?”

“Ah, negatory Mother Trucker, I’ve flown the coop and I’m eastbound and down for lunch at Red Robin.”

My conversation on bluetooth, might go something like this.

Bluetooth,”Command please.”  

Me, “Call Shanna cell.”

Bluetooth, “Calling Judy Gerringer on mobile.”  I’m calling my daughter, but Judy and I are friends who haven't spoken in awhile, so what the heck. We catch up and promise to meet soon for lunch.

Me, “Call Jack cell,”

Bluetooth,”Calling Katie Lou on mobile”, only Katie Lou isn’t home, so I try again.

Me, “Call Jack cell.”

Bluetooth, “Pardon?”

Me, “Call Jack Cell!!”

Bluetooth, “Pardon?”

Me,” Delete!”


Me,” DELETE!!!!”

Bluetooth “Goodby.”

Ahhh, the joys of conversing with robots.  Nothing like it in the world……

May you be living the good life, Larry Watts!