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About Town – December 28, 2020

Doris Lessenden

“Encourage one another” I Thessalonians 5:11

Ty Lyn Williams of Brandon is an outstanding photographer. In December, Andayce Abney announced that Ty Lin’s “Snowy Sunrise” photo was the featured Colorado photo of the month. Ty Lin’s amazing photo mostly reflects yellow and pink colors in soft snow that covered their east pasture with shimmering snowflakes. Ty Lyn is especially talented in taking family photos and community events.

Congratulations to Kayla (Fredrick) Murdock and Josh Robertson, both of Sheridan Lake, who graduated in December from the Otero Junior College Law Training Enforcement Academy. Kayla received the “Top Cop” award and was a student speaker at her graduation.

Terry and Areta Laird had the pleasure to take the Quilt of Valor to Colorado Springs to Pete West in his home. Areta is to be commended for her research on the military service history of the recipients for whom ladies of the Stitch in Time Quilting group made beautiful quilts for the ten service men who were in the era of the Korean War. Photos of the quilts and men that were published in the Kiowa County Press last week were extraordinarily beautiful.

Cardon and Joyce Berry hosted a family dinner Christmas Eve day. Their family is so grateful and glad to have Cardon home and doing well after being so very ill during a hospital stay in December. 

Kas (Fischer) Stewart wrote that her Eads High School class of 1965 is having their 55th Year Reunion during the county fair. I looked in the Alumni Annual that Marty Miller alphabetized of students. There were 37 students in that remarkable class, and they are still so memorable in my mind.

Christmas Eve, the Eads Christian Church had a special celebration when Alicia and Jessica James played the piano and organ for carols. Calvin and Nadine Gaynor presented a flannel graph story of the Nativity. Pastor Imel was pleased to see so many families come.

The Haswell United Methodist Church Christmas Eve service was streamed by Glenda Stoker so L.D. and Phyllis Nelson and I and others could see and hear Pamela Lessenden, the Lay Leader, and hear the 10 readers. Mike Franklin accompanied some of the carols on his guitar. I stayed home because I am recovering from the COVID-19 coronavirus. Thus, I was so grateful to see and hear my Haswell family and friends. After being alone so long, now I know I am blessed to be a survivor, I have an even greater appreciation and love of Christmas time.

At the Eads United Methodist Church, Lay Leader, Gail Voss, said that Chase and Molly Stolzenberger and Dorian and Haley Ray read the Scriptures while Mary Eikner led the carol singing. Betty Crow and Nancy McCracken were the organist and pianist for the service.

Last week was the first Sunday in December I could drive to church in Kit Carson, and when I drove by the Eads Praise Church, I was so pleased to see the green wreaths and American flags that Pastor Gooden had displayed on the stone fence to greet those who pass by.

We extend our sympathy to the families of Bob Howerton, age 90, who passed away December 20. His granddaughter, Bobbi (McPherson) Scott, was able to come from Missouri to spend some hours with him before his death. He was a good neighbor to my sister and others on the block.

Fran Larrew, our rural route mail carrier, had the misfortune to break her knee. According to her husband, Randy, she will have to have a total knee replacement. She is glad to have a good assistant in Randy.

Dr. Sean Quist who is our Chiropractor Wednesdays at Weisbrod, has a larger office in Lamar. A week ago, he and his wife, Jalynn, hosted an office party dinner in their home.

John and Laura Negely spent several days in Greeley with her parents and to accompany them to medical appointments.

One evening last week I saw a group of what looked like our Eads boys’ basketball team troop into the Hometown Gas and Grill for treats. Those boys have grown taller! We fans are really eager to watch ball games in the gym!

Birdie (Roberta Mays) Hines called last week. She brought boxes of puzzles to Eads from Canon City to share with senior citizen friends. She came also to enjoy her granddaughters and great grandchildren.

There were many family gatherings last week to enjoy meals together and gift exchanges. Dennis Pearson told me that the ladies in his office had wrapped the Angel Tree gifts and were delivering them to families. He said that people had been generous with gift buying and donations. That is also why Kas Stewart e-mailed - because she offered to bring gift wrapping paper, bows and bags to the Social Services Department when she comes to the fair.

The PERA newsletter suggested several things to do for your mental health while in quarantine. Some of the eight points were

  • Stay in contact with family and friends
  • Keep your house neat and tidy
  • Limit watching or listening to too much news
  • Bring joy to your neighborhood

An example for me was when young Peyton and Liam Eder brought me a loaf of banana bread they had made with the coaching of their great grandmother, Gloria Peck. Another time, Michael and Elissa Archer took the McCoin’s a holiday dinner; also when Gail Voss took to Danny Kemp foods and his favorite carrot cake.

Happy New Year!