Different Ways To Get Your Kids More Active

Different Ways To Get Your Kids More Active

Feature Staff

For a variety of reasons, kids find sedentary lifestyles appealing. While being physically inactive is not necessarily a bad thing on occasion, it is necessary to know some different ways to get your kids more active.

It’s essential for your children to develop physically during their formative years; it’s important to keep them healthy and foster a more active lifestyle. Be aware of their needs and desires and give them a little push towards something they may enjoy.

Include Them in Home Chores

One of the simplest ways to get your kids up and moving is to have them help you out with some chores around the home. These aren’t the most strenuous or physically demanding of activities, but they will get them active. Whether it’s doing laundry, putting away dishes, or even coming out to run errands at the store, chores give kids a break from a sedentary lifestyle.

Added Responsibility

Not only does including them in chores get them moving, but it also teaches them responsibility and to be self-reliant. You teach them at an early age to be self-sufficient and maintain the home, skills they can take well into adulthood.

Look Into Team Sports

For more physical activities, you can encourage your kids to enroll in some team sports, whether those are school-sponsored or part of a community team. One of the most popular activities kids love doing is baseball, a sport that allows them to develop multiple skills. Just ensure you provide your child with the right equipment to play to make sure they have the most fun possible.


On top of exercising and keeping active, baseball, as well as other team sports, helps your child develop socially. Working with a team teaches them cooperation and allows them to realize their role in a team effort.

Limit Time With Electronics

Left to their own devices, many kids will use their electronics for hours at a time, whether it’s a game console, computer, smart tablet, or phone. It’s critical to reduce the time they can use these devices, either by physically taking the devices away or installing parental controls.

Make Them Understand the Reasoning

It’s easy for these methods to come off as aggressive and overbearing, but you need to sit down with your kids to explain your reasoning. Let them know it’s not done out of maliciousness or as a punishment, but to help them take a more active role in day-to-day life.

Let Them Find What They Love

It’s essential to expose your child to different experiences, but it’s more important to let them pick and choose what they want. If they don’t feel any passion about the sports or activities you introduce to them, don’t force them to continue doing it.

It may have the opposite effect you intend, motivating them to reject these activities outright. Be aware of when to take an active role and when you need to let them decide.