Eads School Breakfast and Lunch Menus

School Menus
Published Friday, January 20, 2017


January 23: Waffles, orange juice, milk, mixed fruit

January 24: Egg patty, toast, sausage, grape juice

January 25: Muffins, yogurt, apple juice, milk, fruit

January 26: Doughnuts, cereal, grape juice, milk, orange


January 23: Pizza day

January 24: Italian beef steaks, buttered noodles, oranges, Jell-O cups, milk, fruit and salad bar

January 25: Nachos, lettuce, tomato, cinnamon bread, Mandarin oranges, milk, fruit and salad bar

January 26: Hoagie sandwiches, chips, cookie, apple, milk, fruit and salad bar