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Sharon Scott - Community Columnist
by Sharon Scott

by Sharon Scott

    Happy New Year everyone.  I can't believe it is 2016 already. Seems like just yesterday we were getting used to writing the year 2000.  Hope everyone had a good Christmas and are looking forward to the new year.

    Last Tuesday, Cheri Hopkins went to Denver to visit family.  On Wednesday, she met up with Tom Pape to visit and deliver his quilt our communities had made for him.  He is doing well and said to tell all hello for him.

    Freda Schmidt and Bryan, Dorcas and Abby Berggren traveled to Davenport, Iowa and spent time with their son/grandson Michael and his wife Dana and son Caleb.  Jamie, Megan and Wren Berggren from Tribune, KS also came to visit.  On December 20th, Kelvin, Amy, Mikayla and Alex Schmidt from Towner; Franaces Berggren of Akron, CO Ken, Brenda and Dillon Bender of Kalona, Iowa and Carlie Bender and fiancee of Iowa City arrived to spend time with the family.  On the 22nd, Bryan, Dorcas, Abby and Freda went to Ken and Brenda's home to spend a few days before returning home on the 26th.  On Saturday, a former LaJunta Nursing Graduate, Norma Brennman, came to visit with Freda before they left for home.

    Larry and Judy Tuttle spent Christmas with their daughter Rhonda, husband Mike and daughter Emily in Castle Rock.

    Guests of Leo and Kathy Specht for New Years were:  Danny and Rachel; Kyle and JoAnna; and Ross, Becca and Braxton.

    All of Linly and Sherell Stums children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren were at their home on Dec. 26 to celebrate Christmas with them.

    Monte and Linda Stum hosted Christmas at their home on Dec.27 for their children and grandchildren.

    Christmas guests of Garold and Zelpha Deines were:  their daughters Gwyn and Jenny and their son Joel and his daughter Chezne and a friend of Joel's, Tammy Carr.

    Merle and Carol Shalberg and Bill and Charlotte Woelk hosted Christmas Eve for 34 family members at the Shalberg home.  On Christmas Day, Merle and Carol had 20 people as guests.

    Guests of Denis and Theresa Weber for Christmas were:  Connie Weber; Jerry and Quinton Weber and Kathy Knutson and her family.

    On Dec.19th, Vern and Joann; Rick and Kim and Tim Harris; Adam and Shelby Watts; and Tammy Harris and Clayton traveled to Eads to have Christmas with Benny and Cassie Frey and son.  A friend of Cassies, Coron also joined them.

    Last Sunday, Tammy, Vern and JoAnn Harris went to Las Animas to have Christmas with Trista and her family and Trey and his family.

    Monte and Linda Stum traveled to Larnard, KS to have Christmas with Linda's family on Saturday.

    Mary Huddleston had 25 members of her family gather at the home of Larry Huddleston in Lamar to help her celebrate Christmas, on the 26th.  

Last Saturday, the rest of the family that couldn't come the week before due to bad weather, all came to see her and celebrate some more.

    On Dec. 19th, Susan Greenfield went to Holly to watch the wrestling tournament.  On the 21st and 22nd, she and Tina Kraft and Donna Peck went to Garden City Christmas shopping.  Susan spent from Dec. 23-30th with her dad, Norm in Sterling.

    Cora Coffman spent Christmas Day at Scott and Shelly Brase's home in Lamar.  On Sunday, all of her children; grandchildren and great-grandchildren came to her home to celebrate Christmas.

    All of our children and grandchildren were with us for Christmas and several more days.  We all went to Denver Monday and Tuesday as part of our Christmas.  The guys went to the Bronco game on Monday evening--what a game that was.  We ended the day on Tuesday with a tour 

of the "Blossom of Lights" at the Botanical Gardens.  It made our decorations look a little on the weak side, but we did get some ideas for next year.

    On New Years Eve, Lori Shalberg; Jerry and Quinton Weber; Larry and Judy Tuttle; Bill and Charlotte Woelk and Merle and Carol Shalberg all went to Eads for supper.


    New Years Eve, Dick, Kyle and I went to Kit Carson to attend the wedding celebration of Jaryl (Everist) and Richard Romshe.  We enjoyed visiting with friends and dancing to the "Road Apples Band"

    A good crowd attended the supper and Community Basketball games at Plainview School Saturday evening.

    Well, I've started the year off with lots of news, but don't expect this all the time.  Have a great week!!