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Sharon Scott - Community Columnist
Published Friday, January 22, 2016
Sharon Scott - Community Columnist
by Sharon Scott

By Sharon Scott

     Not much to report this week.  Everyone is trying to stay indoors and keep warm.  Although, last Friday was so nice, we got the rest of our outdoor Christmas decorations taken down.


     Last Thursday, a large crowd enjoyed the Elementary Basketball games and the soup supper afterwards.  The little ones were lots of fun to watch and the soups were delicious!!  Hats off to the cooks.


     My grandson Kyle, son Tom and I went to Lamar on Friday and took my mom, Mary Huddleston out for lunch.


     On Monday, Cora Coffman and her granddaughter Kelli Kern went to Goodland shopping and have some repair work done on Cora's car.


     Lots of faithful Plainview fans cheered the boys and girls basketball teams on during their League Tournament games on Monday evening in Cheyenne Wells.  Both teams will be playing for 3rd place on Thursday evening.  This will end the Junior High Basketball season.  We are proud of their spirit and willingness to give it their all during the season.


     We're glad to hear that Denis Weber is home from the hospital. We hope you continue to improve in the coming weeks.  A belated birthday wish to Theresa Weber.


     Dick and I were in Colorado Springs last Wednesday to consult with his knee Dr.


     Lots of people are coming down with Strep Throat - so if your kids start complaining you best get them to a Dr. and get it checked out.  

Did you know that you can be a carrier of the Strep infection and never actually get sick yourself?  I discovered this when my children were young and having Strep Throat every six weeks.  Their Mother was giving it to them!!


     Plainview students are busy getting ready for the upcoming Science Fair on Jan. 28th.  We have lots of "Moldy" bread around our house.


     Have a great week.