East End Events

Sharon Scott - Community Columnist
Published Tuesday, November 28, 2017
by Sharon Scott

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving.  Can't think of a better way to spend the day than with family and friends, good food and great weather.

Thanksgiving dinner guests of Denis and Theresa Weber were: Roger, Linda, Nicole, Courtney and Ryan Cochran and Jerry and Quinton Weber. Other than the fact that Linda forgot to bring the desserts she had made for the day and the dog got into the sweet potatoes before they were cooked, they had a great time together.

Kyle, Dick and I went to Ian and Jerene DeBono's home in Granada for Thanksgiving dinner.  Other guests were:  Mary Huddleston; Dane, Kerri, Gage and Sawyer Bayne; Mike Huddleston; Jason, Gina, Dexter and Jett Dechant and Larry Huddleston and daughter Shelby.  Lots of good food and visiting.

Sunday before last, Carol Shalberg went to Springfield, where she met with her brother and some nieces and a nephew for lunch. Following lunch, they went to the Stoning Cemetery to decorate their parents' graves.  Carol then went to Walsh to visit more family before returning home.  On Thanksgiving Day, Merle and Carol hosted dinner for Steve Shalberg and boys; Greg and Penni Shalberg and sons; Lori Shalberg; Brock and Bethany Shalberg and family; Brandy Blanton and family; Bill and Charlotte Woelk; Billy Woelk; Jeff and Georgeann Woelk and their daughter Sierra and husband R.C.; Char Korrell and Ed Carrington and her daughter Carli and Joel and family.

Burl and Cathy Scherler hosted Thanksgiving dinner for several family members from Oklahoma and Jeremy and Christi Stulp and family from Granada and Lynn and Keri Scherler and family from Denver.

Larry and Judy Tuttle spent Thanksgiving with their daughter Rhonda Koehn and family in Castle Rock.  Larry had a doctor's follow-up appointment Wednesday regarding his recent surgery and he received a clean bill of health.  Way to go Larry!

Cheri Hopkins and her children, Christy Hopkins and Evan and Jen Hopkins and family enjoyed Thanksgiving Day at her home.

Kelvin, Amy, Mikayla and Alex Schmidt spent the Thanksgiving break in Oklahoma with relatives.  Thanksgiving dinner was held at the farm at Bessie, OK. for fifty plus relatives.  This was the farm where Kelvin's mom and Uncle Ron Buller grew up.

`Jay and Tara Stum hosted Thanksgiving dinner at the Towner Community Hall for most of the Stum clan.

Saturday, Chris and Kami Janes held a birthday party for their daughter Elsie's 4th birthday at the Towner Community Hall. Again, most of the Stum clan attended.  Happy 4th birthday Elsie!!

Weekend guests of Monte and Linda Stum were:  Chris and Kami Janes and family; Scott Chappell of Monument and a former college roommate of Kami's, Sczech came Saturday in time for the birthday party and spent the night.

Susan Greenfield spent Thanksgiving break in Sterling with her dad, Norm.  Thanksgiving Day, they and Jon and Sonya Greenfield traveled to Bennett to spend the day with Susan's sister Sami and husband John.  Saturday, Susan and Norm went to Yuma to attend a double memorial service for a niece and nephew of Norm's.  That evening, they visited some old family friends in Yuma before returning to Sterling.

Susan Greenfield attended the Red and White scrimmage in Tribune on Monday evening to watch Abby Berggren play.

Vern and JoAnn Harris hosted Thanksgiving dinner for around fifteen family members.

Saturday, my sis Jerene and I went to Lamar to have lunch and to visit with Rod and Debbie (Anderson) Meltabarger; Rick and DeAnn(Anderson)Appelhans and family; Donovan Anderson and his daughter Tonya and family and Colleen (Appelhans) Piatt.  Lots of good memories!!

The Towner Senior Citizens have their pecans for sale.  They are $13 a bag.  Contact Barb Wilson or Sharon Scott if you're interested in getting any.

CHRISTMAS 2017 has been saved.  Marshall Mallow of Gingerbread City and his trusty steed, Smorsey have captured the ol' Grinch, who wanted to steal Christmas and have him in the Jelly Bean Jail.  He can be seen at 13770 Co Rd 78.5 in Towner.  You can also enjoy the light display while you are there.

Have a great week.