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From the Extension Agent: State Fair Results

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Hello, it’s your Kiowa County Agent again, ready to update everyone on the busy month of August.

As I reported last, the 4-H projects were dropped off at the Colorado State Fairgrounds and judged. 

August 24, I visited the State Fair and the three very full exhibit halls. It took a lot of hunting to find Kiowa County’s 44 projects mixed with all the others from around the state. Our members did very well with all their exhibits.

It has been a long time since I have attended the State Fair ,and I am happy to report that the project exhibit numbers are holding strong. We have also had members in competitions. Reagen Johnson was in her last State 4-H Fashion Review August 17. She had a great time, but didn’t make the top 15. The following Sunday, she moved into her dorm at Otero Junior College. Good luck at college, Reagan.  

Kiowa County Shooting Sports members have, and will be, competing at the state level. Alexa and Clayton Nelson competed in the Archery Contest. Clayton placed 46thof 58 in the Junior Recurve, and Alexa Placed 59thof 62 in the Junior Compound contest. 

August 25 was the State cake decorating competition. Kiowa county had two representatives. Hailee Trosper received a Blue award in Unit 2 as a Junior, and Katherine Trosper received a Blue award and Champion in Unit 8 as an Intermediate.  

Labor Day weekend closed the Colorado State Fair. We would like to wish the best of luck to Hatch Nelson, Will Crow, and Clayton Nelson who are competing in Shotgun, and Emily Nelson in the .22 Pistol division. 

I will also make one more trip to the State Fairgrounds to pick up projects that will be exhibited here at the Kiowa County Fair September 11-15. This will be a very busy time for the next few weeks. I would like to invite everyone to come out and support Kiowa County’s hard-working youth in all the livestock shows and the 4-H concession stand.

Don’t forget all the great events that the Kiowa County Fair Board will be bringing to town. I hope to see you all at the Fair.

Kiowa County 4-H 2019 State Fair Results

Horseless Horse Unit 2:

  • Junior:MiaCrow: ReserveChampion
  • Intermediate:KatherineTrosper: 4th

Gardening: Unit 2 See them Sprout

  • Junior:MiaCrow:4th

Ceramics: Unit 1 Glazes

  • Junior:ClaytonNelson:3rd

Leathercraft: Intro to Leathercraft

  • Junior:LandonZimmerman:Qualifier

Leathercraft: Leather Carving

  • Junior:ClaytonNelson:6th

Leathercraft: Advanced Leather Carving 

  • Senior:MorgynJohnson:10th

Leathercraft: Pictorial Carving

  • Intermediate:AlexaNelson:5th

Leathercraft: Creative Stamping

  • Senior:ChaseStolzenberger:5th

Woodworking: Nailing It Together

  • Junior:ClaytonNelson:9th

Woodworking: Finishing Up

  • Intermediate:CaseNelson:8th
  • Senior:HatchNelson:7th

Artistic Clothing: Upcycle Your Style

  • Junior:ItziRamirez:Qualifier
  • Intermediate:ZoieArnold-Kraft:7th

Artistic Clothing: Creative Sewing Unit 5

  • Junior:MiaCrow: 4th
  • Intermediate:AlexaNelson: Reserve Champion
  • Senior:MollyStolzenberger: 3rd

Cake Decorating: Unit 1

  • Junior:ItziRamirez:Qualifier

Cake Decorating: Unit 2

  • Junior:AddisonCourkamp:Qualifier

Cake Decorating: Unit 8

  • Intermediate:KatherineTrosper:Qualifier

Clothing Construction: STEAM 1

  • Junior:PeytonEder: ReserveChampion

Clothing Construction: STEAM 2

  • Junior: Clayton Nelson: 3rd(Clothing Top)
  • Intermediate: Alexa Nelson: 3rd(Clothing Skirt) 
  • Junior: Aspen Nelson: Qualifier (Dress)

Clothing Construction: Recycled Clothing 

  • Senior:ReagenJohnson:4th

Food Preservation: Freezing and Drying 

  • Intermediate:AlexaNelson: 3rd

Food Preservation: Canning

  • Intermediate:AlexaNelson: Qualifier 
  • Senior:EmilyNelson:10th

Food & Nutrition: Cooking 201

  • Junior:AspenNelson: 9th(Muffins)

Food & Nutrition: Unit 25

  • Junior: Clayton Nelson: Reserve Champ & Grand Reserve Champion

Heritage Arts: Crochet

  • Intermediate:KaraWilson: Qualifier 
  • Senior:EmilyNelson:10th

Heritage Arts: Fiber Arts

  • Senior:EmilyNelson: 5th(NeedleArts)

Heritage Arts: Quilting

  • Junior: Clayton Nelson: 5th(Unit 2)
  • Intermediate:AlexaNelson: Champion (Unit 4)
  • Senior: Molly Stolzenberger: ReserveChampion

Electric: Magic of Electricity

  • Junior:Kindel Hoffman:7th

Model Rocketry

  • Junior: Aspen Nelson: 4th(Intro to Rocketry)
  • Intermediate:CaseNelson: Champion (Intermediate Rocketry)

Small Engines: Warm it up

  • Junior:ClaytonNelson:3rd

Shooting Sports: Stand Alone Projects Archery:

  • Junior:LandonZimmerman: Qualifier 
  • Intermediate:AlexaNelson:Qualifier


  • Senior:HatchNelson:9th

.22 Rifle:

  • Junior:ClaytonNelson:6th