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By Jeramy McNeely

Extension Email Blast

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I touched on this some in my last articles, but wanted to let you all know specifically that I have built an Extension Email Blast.  The purpose of this blast is to proactively get information out to everyone as it comes across my desk.  So far, the list has 50 people on it or so but I’m looking to add way more.  We also try and put the information on our Facebook page which is “Kiowa County 4-H & Extension” for those of you who spend more time on Facebook than you do emails.  (Most of us!)

The information sent out so far has covered crops, rangeland, grasshoppers, drought management, etc. I’m always in search of different topics such as gardening, tree care, insects, and other information that we have at our disposal.  So, if you are reading this and would like to receive information, give us a call or email me and I will get you on the list.  If you’re reading this from another county and would like on the list, that would be great too!  Some of the information may not concern you but it might prompt you to email me back and ask a question that does interest you.  More than likely someone is wondering the same thing!  Our contact information is:

CSU Extension Kiowa County

P.O. Box 97

Eads, CO 81036

Office: 719-438-5321

Cell: 719-340-0772

Email Office:

Jeramy Email: