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From the Extension Agent – 4-H Fair Results

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Tearle Lessenden

Hello everyone. I’m sorry this after-fair report was so long in coming - I thought that things would slow down after fair!

 It was great to see familiar and new faces during fair. We started the week Tuesday evening by vet-checking livestock. This was the first year that livestock have been vet checked, due to a recommendation of the State Veterinarian’s Office to help keep the possible spread of Vesicular Stomatitis to a minimum. Also, by doing this, the 4-H and FFA programs where protected. It was educational for the youth of our county helping them to understand the importance of healthy livestock. I would like to give a big thanks to Lamar Animal Medical Center and Dr. Hannah Larson for donating her time for the vet checks. All Dr. Larson asked was that they be payed for mileage, so another big thank you to David Walker and Yonda Leonard for covering that expense for our youth. 

After all animals were in place Wednesday, weigh-ins started a very busy week. Many of the youth had already been busy before this time washing, trimming, and doing all the prep work that goes into presenting their animals to the best of there ability. The poultry and rabbits kicked off the shows. In the Poultry Division, there were five youth competing with thirteen entries. Rabbits had two competitors with twenty entries. 

Evening started the large animal show, beginning with the goat show. The youth brought 48 market goat entries to the show, with 28 youth showing them in six classes. Seven of these kids also exhibited 12 of their ongoing breeding goat projects.

Thursday morning, these young showmen where up early cleaning pens and washing animals for the day’s shows. This morning started off with the market swine show, in which 21 members showed 37 hogs in seven classes. The show then transitioned to the beef show. We had four market beef classes with four members showing, and one bucket calf. The sheep show was up next. Fourteen exhibitors in five classes showed 21 lambs and two breeding sheep.

I would like to thank Nicholas Ortner for being our livestock judge and talking with the youth about how to do better next year. This is one of the most important parts of these competitive shows that is still educational and a learning experience for the exhibitors.

With the market and breeding classes over, the day didn’t end. It was time for the Champion and Reserve placing showmen of each species to exhibit their skills in the round robin competition. The Junior, Intermediate, and Senior showmen start by showing their own animal for one minute then switch to the next member’s animal for one minute and then rotate species till they have showed all the different species. Another thanks to Brooke Matthew from Otero Junior College, who brought some of her Ag students up to judge the round robin show for us. I’m sorry that I did not get all names of these students, but I would like to thank them too.

Some of the most important people who make these shows run smoothly are the ones that you never see. I would like to thank Krystal Eikenberg for all the administrative work she did for all the shows and open class exhibits. The Livestock Committee makes the shows and sales run smoothly and put in many hours before and after the shows and sale. They help set up, weigh in, load out animals, and tear down. These fine people include Tim Trosper, Rod Cole, Eric Ellenberger, Trent Jones, Junior McDowell, Mark Nelson, and Michelle Nelson. Thank you for making my job easier. I would like to also thank Nancy Walker for announcing the shows and Yonda Leonard for helping me keep track of placings. Tia Konig is our new Eads High School Ag Ed teacher. She and her students jumped right in and helped with setting up and taking down panels. Tia also helped the judge in the ring by stewarding the shows. Thanks for the help.

The 2019 Kiowa County Junior Livestock Premium Sale was a great success, with four beef, 20 swine, five poultry, two rabbits, 13 sheep, 24 goats, two pens of poultry and one rabbit pen donated for sale. The 69 exhibits brought a total premium price of $84,550. This total, compared to last year, was down by $4,520.90, but the number of animals sold was also down by 30, so the 2019 sale was a huge success.

The four beef projects averaged $4,037.50 per head. This was a combined sale price and generous add-on from many different buyers that totaled $1,950 per head. 

Weston Mitchek’s Grand Champion steer topped the sale, bringing $3,000. This was split between GN Bank and Colorado Mills.

Swine averaged $1,072.5 per head. Kara Wilson’s Reserve Champion pig sold for $1,500 with Scherler Sales and 4 River Equipment splitting the cost. Lauren Brown’s pig also sold for $1,500. Frist National Bank of La Junta picked up the tab.

The Poultry averaged $1,000. Selena Fehr’s project sold to Scoular Grain for $1,800. Emily Nelson’s rabbits sold to DW Waste for $350, and Alexa Nelson’s rabbits also fetched $350, with Flock Auction LLC buying them.

The Sheep sales averaged $1,115.38 per head. Koree Ellenberger’s Grand Champion lamb sold to Barlow Aerial Spraying for $2,000.

The Goats, having the most animals sold, also did well, averaging $1,016.66 per head. Saffer Spray Service and First National Bank of Las Animas bought Spencer Uhland’s goat for $2,000. Wesly and Selena Fehr donated poultry animals that sold for $500 each. Emily Nelson donated one of her rabbit projects. It sold for $800.

A big thanks to all the buyers and donors for making 2019 an awesome sale for Kiowa County’s youth showmen. Burlington Livestock Exchange clerked the sale for us. I want to give a huge thank you to them because, after watching them, I know I would have been lost if I had that job. 

Livestock Results:


Grand Champion           Weston Mitchek           Tag 189

Reserve Champion        Weston Mitchek           Tag 185

Average Daily Gain:

Grand Champion           Stockton Mitchek          Tag 184            4 lbs. per day

Reserve Champion        Weston Mitchek           Tag 185            3.73 lbs. per day

3rd                                Weston Mitchek           Tag 189            3.28 lbs. per day

4th                                Stockton Mitcheck        Tag 188            2.85 lbs. per day

5th                                Gaige Rittgers               Tag 186            2.45 lbs. per day

Beef Market Class Lightweight

1st                                Stockton Mitchek          Lost Tag

Beef Market Class 2 1100-1190 lbs.

1st                                Weston Mitchek           Tag 185

Beef Market Class 3 1191-1220 lbs.

1st                                Weston Mitchek           Tag 189

2nd                                Rhealie Rittgers             Tag 183

3rd                                Gaige Rittgers               Tag 186

Beef Market Class 4 1221-1330 lbs.

1st                                Stockton Mitchek          Tag 184

Breeding Beef Class 657

 Grand Champion          Braya Ferris                  Black Angus Calf

Showmanship Sr. 14-18

Champion                     Rhealie Rittgers

Showmanship Int. 11-13

Champion                     Stockton Mitchek

Showmanship Jr. 8-10

Champion                     Gaige Rittgers

Reserve Champion        Braya Ferris

3rd                                Weston Mitchek


Grand Champion           Ty Wilson                      Tag 26

Reserve Champion        Kara Wilson                  Tag 23

Market Class 1 Lightweight 

1st                                Braya Ferris                   Tag 19

2nd                                Ty Wilson                     Tag 28

3rd                                Hatch Nelson                Tag 30

Market Class 2 220-240 lbs.

1st                                Ty Wilson                     Tag 27

2nd                                Kiya Leonard                 Tag 11

3rd                                Case Nelson                  Tag 32

Market Class 4 255-265 lbs.

1st                                Ty Wilson                     Tag 26

2nd                                Kara Wilson                  Tag 23

3rd                                Stockton Mitchek          Tag 37

Market Class 5 265-277 lbs.

1st                                Brandon LeningTag 21

2nd                                Madison McDowell       Tag 9

3rd                               Braya Ferris                  Tag 20

Market Class 6 277-280 lbs.

1st                                Stockton Mitchek          Tag 39

2nd                               Weston Mitchek           Tag 38

3rd                                Cade McDowell             Tag 7

Market Class 7 280-294 lbs.

1st                                Zoie Arnold-Kraft          Tag 15

2nd                                Madison McDowell       Tag 10

3rd                                Brently Lening               Tag 22

Showmanship Sr. 14-18

Champion                     Lauren Brown               

ReserveChampion        Ross Brown

2nd                                Chase Solzenberger

4th                                Hatch Nelson

5th                                Kiya Leonard

Showmanship Int. 11-13

Champion                     Kara Wilson

Reserve Champion        Zoie Arnold-Kraft

3rd                                Stockton Mitchek

4th                                Taygen Ferris

5th                                Brentley Lening


Showmanship Jr. 8-10

Champion                     Braya Ferris

Reserve Champion        Aspen Nelson

3rd                                Weston Mitchek

4th                                Addison Courkamp


Grand Champion           Kara Wilson                  Tag 3

Reserve Champion        Koree Ellenberger         Tag 36

Average Daily Gain:

Grand Champion           Ross Brown                   Tag 70              .5 lbs. per day

Reserve Champion        Zoie Arnold-Kraft          Tag 20              .49 lbs. per day

3rd                                Will Crow                      Tag 15              .43 lbs. per day

4th                                Hatch Nelson                Tag 43              .42 lbs. per day

5th                                Case Nelson                  Tag 42              .41 lbs. per day

Market Class 1 Lightweight 35-47 lbs.

1st                                Clayton Nelson             Tag 30              

2nd                                Clayton Nelson             Tag 29

3rd                                Rhealie Rittgers             Tag 66

Market Class 2 50-60 lbs.

1st                                Ally Spady                     Tag 5

2nd                                Hatch Nelson                Tag 47

3rd                                Aspen Nelson                Tag 41

Market Class 3 60-70 lbs.

1st                                Koree Ellenberger         Tag 37

2nd                                Ally Spady                     Tag 4

3rd                                Lexi Holdren                 Tag 31

Market Class 4 70-74 lbs.

1st                                Hatch Nelson                Tag 43

2nd                                Kiya Leonard                 Tag 17

3rd                                Case Nelson                  Tag 42

Market Class 5 75-93 lbs.

1st                                Kara Wilson                  Tag 3

2nd                                Koree Ellenberger           Tag 36

3rd                                Spencer Uhland            Tag 1

Market Class 6 94-105 lbs.

1st                                Spencer Uhland            Tag 2

2nd                                Gaige Rittgers               Tag 21

3rd                                Ross Brown                   Tag 78

Breeding Goat:

Grand Champion           Taygen Ferris                Tag 13              Yearling Doe

Reserve Champion        Taygen Ferris                Tag 14              Yearling Doe

Breeding Class 646 Nanny

1st                                Braya Ferris                  Tag 88

2nd                                Madison McDowell       Tag 128

3rd                                Case Nelson                  Tag 122

Breeding Class 645 Yearling Doe

1st                                Taygen Ferris                Tag 13

2nd                                Taygen Ferris                Tag 14

3rd                                Emily Nelson                 Tag 15

Showmanship Sr. 14-18

Champion                     Ally Spady

Reserve Champion        Rhealie Rittgers

3rd                                Lauren Brown

4th                                Jonah Schofield

5th                                Hatch Nelson

Showmanship Int. 11-13

Champion                     Kara Wilson

Reserve Champion        Spencer Uhland

3rd                               Zoie Arnold-Kraft

4th                                Brentley Lening

5th                               Case Nelson

Showmanship Jr. 8-10

Champion                     Gaige Rittgers

Reserve Champion        Braya Ferris

3rd                                Aspen Nelson

4th                                Carmen Mcpherson

5th                               Hailee Trosper


Grand Champion           Koree Ellenberger                     Tag 58

Reserve Champion        Kaycee Ellenberger                   Tag 51

Average Daily Gain:

Grand Champion           Kaycee Ellenberger                   Tag 52              .83 lbs. per day

Reserve Champion        Ross Brown                               Tag 74              .78 lbs. per day

3rd                                Kaycee Ellenberger                   Tag 51              .76 lbs. per day

4th                                Lauren Brown                           Tag 73              .72 lbs. per day

5th                                Aspen Nelson                            Tag 54              .67 lbs. per day

Market Sheep Class 1 Lightweight 86-102 lbs.

1st                                Alexa Nelson                             Tag 38

2nd                                Case Nelson                              Tag 55

3rd                                Alexa Nelson                             Tag 79

Market Sheep Class 2 110-120 lbs.

1st                                Hatch Nelson                            Tag 49

2nd                                Jonah Schofield                         Tag 33

3rd                                Hailee Trosper                          Tag 56

Market Sheep Class 3 120-130 lbs.

1st                                Lauren Brown                           Tag 73  

2nd                               Taygen Ferris                            Tag 19

3rd                                Katherine Trosper                     Tag 62

Market Sheep Class 4 130-160 lbs.

1st                                Koree Ellenberger                     Tag 58

2nd                                Kaycee Ellenberger                    Tag 51

3rd                                Chase Stolzenberger                 Tag 67

Market Sheep Class 5 160-190 lbs.

1st                                Carmen McPherson                   Tag 76 

Breeding Sheep:

Grand Champion and 1stin Ewe Lamb class 625              Alexa Nelson

Reserve Champion and 1stin Yearling Ewe Class 626       Case Nelson

Showmanship Sr. 14-18

Champion                     Jonah Schofield

ReserveChampion        Chase Sotlzenberger

3rd                                Hatch Nelson

4th                                Ross Brown

5th                                Lauren Brown

Showmanship Int. 11-13

Champion                     Koree Ellenberger

Reserve Champion        Alexa Nelson

3rd                                Taygen Ferris

4th                                Katherine Trosper

5th                                Case Nelson

Showmanship Jr. 8-10

Champion                     Hailee Trosper

Reserve Champion        Carmen McPherson

3rd                                Aspen Nelson


Grand Champion Market           Selena Fehr                   White Giant Pen of 3

Reserve Champion Market        Wesly Fehr                   Delaware Pen of 3

Market Poultry Class 794 Rooster

1st                                Selena Fehr                               White Giant

2nd                                Wesly Fehr                               Delaware

3rd                                Wesly Fehr                               Cross Feather Footed

Market Poultry Class 795 Pen of 3

1st                                Selena Fehr                               Delware            

2nd                                Selena Fehr                               Buff Rock

3rd                                Wesly Fehr                               Barred Rock

Market Poultry Class 796 Turkey

1st                                Emily Nelson

2nd                                Emily Nelson

Showmanship Sr 14-18

Champion                     Emily Nelson

Showmanship Int. 11-13

Champion                     Alexa Nelson

Reserve Champion        Wesly Fehr

Showmanship Jr. 8-10

Champion                     Selena Fehr

Reserve Champion         Clayton Nelson


Grand Champion Market           Emily Nelson                 Baker Rabbit

Reserve Champion Market        Alexa Nelson                 Pen of 3 New Zealand

Market Class 779 Pen of 3

1st                                Alexa Nelson                             New Zealand

2nd                                Emily Nelson                             Californian

Market Class 780 Baker 5-9 lbs.

1st                                Emily Nelson                             

2nd                               Alexa Nelson

3rd                                Emily Nelson

Breeding Rabbits:

Grand Champion           Emily Nelson                 Senior Breeding Buck Californian

Reserve Champion        Emily Nelson                 Junior Breeding Buck Californian

Breeding Rabbit Class 776

1st                                Emily Nelson                 Black

2nd                                Alexa Nelson                 White Mini Rex

3rd                                Alexa Nelson                 Red New Zealand

Breeding Rabbit Class 777 Junior Buck

1st                                Alexa Nelson     

2                                  Emily Nelson

Breeding Rabbit Class 778 Senior Buck

1st                                Emily Nelson

2nd                                Alexa Nelson

3rd                                Emily Nelson

Showmanship Sr. 14-18

Champion                     Emily Nelson

Showmanship Int 11-13

Champion                     Alexa Nelson

Round Robin Showmanship:

Sr. 14-18 Champion      Emily Nelson

Reserve Champion        Hatch Nelson

Int. 11-13 Champion     Alexa Nelson

ReserveChampion        Kara Wilson

Jr. 8-10 Champion         Braya Ferris

Reserve Champion Addison Courkamp