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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor

A serious vehicle accident involving three staff members of the Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site occurred in Eads on Friday, June 16. On behalf of the entire staff, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the first responders as well as to the whole community for its support from the moments following the accident and continuing throughout the following week. The Kiowa County Sheriff and Deputies, Colorado State Highway Patrol, Kiowa County Ambulance Service, Kiowa County Volunteer Fire Department, Kiowa County Division of Emergency Management, AirMedCare, Dr. Lenderts and FNP Stephanie Green all provided exemplary professional care of the injured parties from the moment the 911 call was placed until each of the victims was safely delivered to hospital emergency services.  Dr. Lenderts and the staff of the Weisbrod Memorial Hospital Emergency Room provided further thorough care for two of the injured parties following the first response. The expertise of the professionals who represent each of these entities prevented a traumatic situation from becoming a tragedy. Their care and compassion made a world of difference to everyone involved, for which the entire staff is extremely grateful. On a personal note, I would also like to recognize the three park staff members – Janet Frederick, Karen Wilde and Shawn Gillette -- who were among the first to respond and who cared for their coworkers throughout the afternoon and evening until everyone was safe. The genuine support of the Sand Creek Massacre NHS staff members for one another goes beyond a group of coworkers – it is truly family.  Heartfelt thanks are also extended to the Eads and Kiowa County community whose concerns, inquiries, and best wishes are appreciated more than you know. We are relieved that John Launius and Eboni Nash are back at work and that Mario Medina is healing. They are all strong individuals whose determination to get back to regular life has been aided immeasurably through all of your help.


Alexa Roberts


Sand Creek Massacre NHS