How to safely drive around in your golf cart

How to safely drive around in your golf cart

Feature Staff

Owning a golf cart opens a lot of possibilities. These low-speed utility vehicles are perfect for taking a little drive around the neighborhood or taking out on the links. However, just because they’re not as fast and heavy as an automobile doesn’t mean you should fail to exercise caution. Here are some helpful tips for safely driving around in your golf cart that you should keep in mind before you get behind the wheel.

Obey traffic rules

Even though golf carts typically don’t require a driver’s license or vehicle insurance, you still should adhere to all relevant rules of the road when driving around. Signaling when turning, stopping at all stop signs, and checking for oncoming traffic before making a turn are all helpful tools when driving about. Safety is everyone’s responsibility when it comes to avoiding accidents.

Keep your cart in good condition

You don’t want to drive a golf cart if it’s in rough condition. Taking the time to clean your cart, check the air pressure, and charge the batteries will make your ride smoother, safer, and more enjoyable. Having an idea of the essential maintenance tips for electric golf carts allows you to drive around without running into unexpected complications with your vehicle.

Don’t push too hard

One of the most important ways to safely drive around in your golf cart is to make sure you’re not putting your cart in a situation it can’t handle. Golf carts work better for leisurely drives and may have trouble with steeper inclines or faster speeds. If you push the cart too hard, it may burn out and leave you trying to move it to a garage. It’s always a good idea to consider your speed and the terrain when you’re driving and avoid particularly rough off-road situations.

Golf carts are great for slow, relaxing drives, and a little precaution and common sense are your best tools for ensuring that your leisurely trip in the cart is an enjoyable one.