Ways to attract tourists to a small town

Ways to attract tourists to a small town

Feature Staff

Just because you reside in a small town doesn’t mean it’s not a big deal. You love living there, and you want to show the rest of the world what’s so great about your home. Many small towns fail at tourism even when they have so much to offer. They just need a little help identifying their best qualities.

You can easily attract tourists to your small town by highlighting its best attributes and promoting them so that everyone can experience the beauty of your hometown.


Have you ever stopped to look at all the buildings that reside in your town? How often do you wonder about the history behind them? You might be surprised to discover that some of your buildings have a unique story to tell.

The history and beauty behind older buildings are fascinating and can grab attention from all over. You need to ensure you properly display that beauty so that everyone can enjoy it. Research some of your older structures and see what you find.

Once you learn the history behind them, see what you can do to restore these buildings to maintain and protect the original structure and essence of the building. You will attract many tourists from this tip alone.


A local landmark can attract several tourists. People like visiting national parks and places where they can get close to nature in general. Dedicate an area in your town where everyone can do that.

You can construct a hiking trail or find ways to enhance your parks. People will visit your town and experience a new adventure.


Who doesn’t love food? Food is one of the main reasons that so many larger cities are main attractions. You don’t need to compete by trying to have several renowned restaurants for people to come to. All you need is one or two restaurants best known for something that grabs people’s attention.

If your town is the home of the largest burgers or the best BBQ along Route 66, you’ve got the main attraction right there. People will travel far and wide to see what all the fuss is about.

Customs and traditions

Every town has its quirks, customs, and traditions they abide by. Your town might be the home of an infamous urban legend, or you have a special way of celebrating Halloween.

Promote these customs and traditions for everyone to see. If you have a special festival during the fall, make sure you get the word out so that people can come to partake in all the activities your town has to offer.

People will want to be a part of your traditions and make new memories with their loved ones. You’ll give them some new experiences and ways to celebrate special occasions.

Your small town has more to offer than you think. Take the time to discover and explore all your main attractions for tourists to enjoy and be mystified by.