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Kiowa County 2020 sheep and goat weigh-in

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Tearle Lessenden

Hello from the Extension Office. I’m sorry that you have not heard much from me, but I am sure that everyone knows that the COVID-19 coronavirus situation has changed all our lives.

After a no face-to-face order was put in place, it was lightened - a little. Programs that cannot be completed virtually have been allowed. These activities must be approved not only by Kiowa County, but also by all levels of Extension.

After taking these steps, approval was granted to make 4-H animal weigh-ins happen June 1. Although it was possible, it looked largely different from years past. COVID-19 protocol was used, and a schedule for separation also.

With that said, I was happy to see youth of 4-H and FFA not be deterred by what has been happening. Seventeen sheep members weighed in 25 head of lambs which had an average weight of 59.6 lbs.

Thirty goat members weighed in 51 goats with an average weight of 45.9 lbs.

Members are also tagging their swine projects in the next two weeks.

As we all know, it is very dry right now, and temperatures on the rise will make for a tough feeding season. Keep cool, clean water out for all animals, and shade when it is cost effective.  

Looking forward, we all would like to have are normal lives back. It will take a lot of steps, but we will get there.

Stay safe, happy and healthy and pray for rain.