Kiowa County Fire Protection District Meeting Minutes – June 25, 2018

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Published Friday, July 20, 2018



June 25, 2018 at 7:00 pm

Jay Specht called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm.  Those present at the meeting were:

            Jay Specht, President

            Teresa Witte, Treasurer

            Terry Riley, Director

            Delton Eikenberg, Director

            Karen Jones, Secretary

Zach Kopasz, Director, was absent from meeting.

Also attending were District Chief A.J. McCracken, A.J. Bolin, Darrell Hollis, Tim Wolf, Kathy McCracken and Joe Shields, Mayor of Eads.

The Agenda was considered and amended to move Item #3 down to Old Business, and also to move Item #7 up prior to the District Fire Chief Report.  Teresa Witte made a motion to approve the Agenda as amended, Delton Eikenberg seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved.

The Minutes from meeting on 5/15/2018 were considered.  Teresa made a motion to approve the Minutes as submitted, Terry Riley seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved.

Joe Shields, Mayor of the Town of Eads, had several questions.  First he asked if we had done anything regarding the FPPA (pension retirement plan for firefighters), which has been held by the Town of Eads and is in the process of being transferred to the District.  Karen responded that we had spoken to the company and been advised of a letter that the Town must submit, and the District cannot do anything without the signed letter.   Joe then said he would insure that we receive the letter, and Teresa said she would go and pick it up the following day.

He also brought up the electric and internet bills from January through March again, insisting that the District should pay these.  The Board had already considered this and previously decided that these charges were incurred prior to the IGA being signed with the Town of Eads, and thus they are not the responsibility of the Fire District.  Joe insisted they should be the responsibility of the District and offered to allow the District to pay them out, but he stated that as of now we have a 'sour grapes' relationship because of this.  He said those bills total approximately $840.00. Jay stated that the Board would discuss this issue later in the evening.

Questions were raised regarding the bills for the siren, which Eads has paid for years and the District does not see those as its responsibility.  

District Fire Chief, AJ McCracken presented several reports:

  • He reported that they took the pump off the Haswell truck to try to repair it and found it's cracked badly.  They stopped further work because it's going to cost 
    $2,550.00 to repair the pump housing. Additionally, they are concerned that the weld will hold, plus there is an additional leak and they cannot find the source.  As of right now to repair the pump will cost $2,550.00, and if they weld the housing that will cost $1,100.00.  Haswell does still have the original truck, but it is not capable ot helping with a structure fire, so Eads will have to roll if a structure fire occurs.
  • AJ discussed the need for radios.  Howard stated previously that he has 7 radios, but those need to be taken to Digicom because these were donated to us, they are Motorolas.  AJ has not seen these, said they may be operational, but will likely cost $75/radio to program them.  They will need new batteries, but we have some.  AJ obtained an estimate from CCC on a sale deal on Kenwood radios. Kenwoods have smart chargers so the batteries should last longer.  AJ and Darrell said we should upgrade radios eventually to Phase 2, but Teresa said they should stay with the 800 version because all surrounding small communities have them.  She said she has Kenwood radios and has had them plugged in for two years and they are good.  She also asked why the estimate is for such a high grade radio.  AJ said we don't need the Phase 2, and the estimate is for the 5000 series.  Digicom only works on Motorola, CCC is in Denver. She asked if Howard had collected any radios from inactive firefighters on the east end, and AJ said maybe one or two. Terry asked if a study has been done regarding signal problems.  AJ said he has done some research on this, and someone he spoke to should be coming out here to discuss it soon.  AJ also said he would also obtain a Motorola quote from Digicom.  Additionally, AJ said he has had great difficulty obtaining radios issued years ago to now inactive members.  Teresa said she would speak to Riley to see if there is any way to track them or turn off individual radios.  Terry made a motion to set up a Committee to consider the radios, and that the members on the Committee should include two Board members and be both AJ's, Ken, Terry and Teresa. Jay mentioned that Zach should be on the committee.  Delton seconded and all approved.
  • AJ then discussed that he has two guys who want to be fire fighters; one will need discussion in Executive Session at end of meeting, the other is working with Jayce Negley during the summer and has great mechanical skills.  All board members approved of adding this person.

There was no further public input.

The Board members discussed Joe Shields' request that the District pay the bills and keep good will.  Delton made a motion to approve paying the bills up to $800.00 to cover utilities and internet for January, February and March, Teresa seconded and it was approved. 

Jay brought up the election of Board officers because there were some questions after the previous meeting and elections.  Terry said he spoke to SDA regarding this and they suggested a roll call vote.  Terry nominated Jay for President, there were no more nominations.  Terry made a motion, seconded by Delton and all approved to affirm Jay as President and to affirm previous votes from the last meeting. This affirms Terry as Vice President and Teresa as Treasurer.

A discussion followed regarding the SOP's.  Motion made to approve the SOP's by Teresa, second from Delton and all approved.

Karen gave a report on the Philanthropy Days event and the hope for grant monies, and also that she very much will need someone to spearhead this effort, with her help, as she is entering the busiest time of year in the Extension Office. Terry made a motion to form a committee of 5, consisting of AJ McCracken, Darrell Hollis, AJ Bolin, Terry and Karen to work on grants available, Delton seconded and this was approved.  

Karen said she has bank resolutions to be signed to add Zack to the account, but this was tabled until the next meeting.

Karen then discussed a check received from court proceedings, and that historically this money has gone to the Town of Eads for use toward fireworks.  Delton made a motion to set aside all monies received from courts for use toward fireworks, Teresa seconded and it was approved. A check was written and signed for the amount already deposited of $250.00 and given to Cathy McCracken.

Karen gave a report on the RAR, which involves tax assessment rate reductions that can affect our mil levy, and stated that, following a discussion with Marcy in the Assessor's office, this will not greatly affect the District.

Finally Karen discussed insurance billing because we have received a check from a car accident paying the District for services, and some of this amount should be paid to firefighters on scene.  A motion was made by Delton to pay the firefighters for services rendered on the March fire subject to advice received from CPA, motion seconded by Teresa and approved.

Terry made a motion to approve the bills as submitted for payment; Delton seconded and it was approved.

A motion was made by Delton asking that the Board enter into Executive Session in accordance with C.R.S. 24-6-402(4)(f) to discuss a Personnel matter.  Terry seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved.  The Executive Session began at 9:31 pm and included AJ McCracken and Tim Wolf.  The session ended at 9:49 pm.

The next meeting will be July 17, 2018.  As there was no other business Teresa made a motion to adjourn, which was seconded by Delton and unanimously approved at 9:50 pm.


 Jay Specht, President                                                Karen Jones, Secretary