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About Town – March 8, 2021

Doris Lessenden

“Do not grumble against one another.” James 5:9

The Eads Chamber of Commerce had a meeting last week with guests Cindy and Brian Williams who explained her idea of a free community picnic to celebrate agriculture producers. Matt Prince, Roger Saffer, and Doug Uhland are leaders who support her idea as a movement in response to the Governor’s proclamation of March 20 to be “no meat day.” Russ Watson is going to barbeque the hot dogs and hamburgers, which will be served free by volunteers to people who come to the Kiowa County community building from 12:00 to 5:00 pm. There will be children’s games, music by local musicians, and other entertainment. Keith and Jennifer Crow are strong supporters of this event, as well as others who have been donating because they know how very important the beef industry is for the economic welfare of our rural counties. Let’s all support this event and have a fun day of visiting, playing, and listening. It is a come and go indoor or outdoor event.

The Chamber also made more decisions on how to proceed with the new lettering of businesses on the Chamber of Commerce trailer. President Dennis Pearson called Kiowa County Economic Development Foundation Director Jan Richards, who said there will be a kids’ fishing day at Jackson’s Pond May 16. This is in cooperation with Colorado Parks and Wildlife. The free lunch, fishing prizes, and educational talks by the officers has always been such a highlight for many families.

Orville and Rita Mousel had more company than usual last week because his friends were excited that he has lived to be 100 years old! A number of people came to bring food or to visit. In the photos they took, Orville looks as young as he did a few years ago when I saw him. I remember when Orville told me, with a twinkle in his eye, that he held his wife when she was a baby. I asked how did that happen? He said, “my family went over (west of Cheyenne Wells) to see the baby, so I held her.” I think he may have been about six years old.

The Eads senior citizen group was finally able to meet again. We have been lonely to see each other because we still don’t have permission to use our new center. The Certificate of Occupancy hasn’t been received yet, so our Director, Gail Voss, went to a lot of extra work carrying pots, pans, and foods, to the United Methodist Church basement, where we enjoyed a lovely fellowship and yummy breakfast–lunch foods. Our guests were Rich and Dianne O’Brian. We are so hopeful that we can have noon lunch at the new center March 17. The center has already been rented for events in April and May.

Congratulations, to Josh and Chevaun (Glover) Hammer of Cincinnati, Ohio, had a baby boy, Oliver Leelyn, March 1. Rich and Koy Glover of Eads are his grandparents, and Alice Glover the great great grandmother.

The Eads Future Farmers of America celebrated National FFA week in several entertaining ways last week. Colby Stoker reported on the “decorating a large hay bale” contest that the seniors won first with a “large ear of corn where FFA members meet;” sophomores won second place with a cute square pink pig; third place was won by the juniors, who painted a little green tractor; and the freshmen painted a green hand on their bale. One day, they had a Quiz Bowl in which the rankings were, first place – seniors, second – freshmen, third – sophomores and fourth – juniors. Another morning, they treated the teachers and support staff with a breakfast buffet. Thanks to their instructor, Miss Tia Konig, for coordinating events and the FFA farm southeast of town.

The Kit Carson School recently dedicated their new media center to the memory of Carmen Kent, a highly esteemed former teacher now deceased from cancer. Her son, Chandler Kent, and his wife, Brianna (Kerfoot), and four children attended the large happening where Chandler read a Dr. Suess book aloud. Carmen was admired for her passion for education and reading books.

A number of wrestling fans attended two days of wrestling matches at the regional meet in Walsenburg. This year, only the top two wrestlers will go on to the state meet next week in Pueblo.

Matt Weber’s friends and family were thrilled to read about the award nomination he received as an educator and coach. I remember how he endeared himself in Eads as a student and wrestler. He is still reaching out to help challenged youths. 

Ms. Dawn James and Ms Sue Fox, Eads educators and coaches of the school’s Knowledge Bowl team students, are so pleased to know that the students they have been mentoring for several years will be competing in the Colorado State Knowledge Bowl Tournament the third week of March. Those scholars are: Joe Haase, Mollie Kelley, Hatch Nelson, Amber Kopasz, Maggie Haase, and Rachel Kopaz.

The Haswell Community Center was really rockin’ February 27 when some folks play cards while others were dancing in half the gym and little ones were tossing basketballs on the other half. Darwin Nelson provided the music for dancing and singing that people enjoy so much.

Basketball fans eagerly studied the brackets last Sunday night to see which teams would be competing in the Colorado State playoffs in the coming weeks.