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Letter to the Editor: The rule of law is a basic principle


To the Editor:

When someone shows you who they are, believe them. The federal grand jury that recently indicted Donald Trump certainly did.

Trump publicly and repeatedly confirmed that he intentionally took classified documents, hid them in his private residence, and tried to prevent law enforcement from obtaining what he stole. According to the indictment, those documents contained highly classified information about America’s defense and weapons capabilities, our nuclear secrets, and our potential military vulnerabilities. 

A group of everyday Americans, fulfilling their civic duty by serving on a grand jury, reviewed mountains of evidence—including testimony from dozens of witnesses, documents, and more. They came together and decided there was enough evidence that crimes had been committed to bring felony charges against Trump. 37 of them in fact. 

The rule of law is a basic principle that everyone must be held to equally. When others have committed crimes of this nature, they were prosecuted. Even if he is rich, famous, and a former president, Trump should be treated like everyone else and held accountable for his crimes against our country.

If we do not hold this criminal accountable for his offenses, when will justice be served?

Let’s roll!


Margaret Foster