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Letter from the Kiowa County Commissioner to the family of Zach Gifford

Kiowa County, Colorado, Courthouse in Eads. © Chris Sorensen

To the family of Zach Gifford, his friends and the residents of Kiowa County;

We, the Kiowa County Board of Commissioners, would like to express our deep sadness and great concern over the incident which ended with the loss of life for a resident of our county. It is with sincere sympathy that we express to the friends and family of Zach Gifford sorrow for their loss. We are in support of and confident in the Sheriff's prioritization of training and policies to ensure that this type of incident never again occurs in Kiowa County. Our wish for the family is comfort for the tremendous grief they suffer and support from a community that has been their friends and neighbors for many years. We hope that this can be a significant step toward healing for the Gifford family, their friends and the entire community.


Kiowa County Board of Commissioners

/s/ Donald Oswald 

/S/ Howard “Butch” Robertson

/s/ Michael Lening