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Prairie Pines Building Memory Lane Putt Putt Golf 

Violet Sneyd

As Prairie Pines Assisted Living Community continues to grow, we are happy to announce that we are currently building a 9-hole Putt Putt golf course.  The idea came from residents who wanted more outdoor activities they could do with their families.  The staff listened, and the idea was born.

Memory Lane Putt Putt Golf will be behind the Serenity Garden at Prairie Pines and will boast 9 holes of fun golf having many reminders of the area and dedications to past community members and residents of Prairie Pines. 

The entrance will be “Glo’s Garden” a flower garden in memory of Gloria Barlow.  

The windmill and tank have been donated in memory of Clyde and Braden Lane, and other donations have also been made with no names attached.  

The course will boast a koi pond, bridge, 3-foot-wide sidewalks, a plink-o-hole, a snake, a wagon, a train crossing, football, and baseball field holes, as well as a rodeo cowboy in a barrel, a loop-d-loop and a pasture hole.  There will be trees, benches, picnic tables and more.  Some flowers and lots of garden advice has been donated by Blue Roof Hydro Farm.

This course will be open to the public, just as is the swimming pool.

The plan is to have the course done by the end of July for lots of fall time playing.  Depending on how funds come in will also determine the time it takes to become operational.  A list of items needed for construction is available at Prairie Pines, and all donations are tax deductible.  

Community members can make a $50 donation to help with building the course, and a plaque in honor of their passed loved one will be placed somewhere throughout the course. 

We want to thank the community for making Prairie Pines and its residents such an important part of the community.  

The residents love to have visitors, and afternoon socials are held throughout the month. We want to encourage people to come and enjoy our amazing facility and visit with our residents.  

If you would like to donate to the course, contact Violet, Tristen, Brandi, or Kelly at 719-438-2141.