Flags in front of the Kiowa County Courthouse in Eads, Colorado. The building is surrounded by trees.

Public Hearing - Land Use Application/Permit

Kiowa County Courthouse in Eads, Colorado. © Chris Sorensen



Board of County Commissioners/1041 Permitting Authority

1305 Goff Street

Eads, Colorado 81036

(719) 438-5810


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Kiowa County Board of Commissioners/1041 Permitting Authority will hold a Public Hearing to consider a 1041 Permit application.

APPLICANT: Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, Inc.

LOCATION: As described in the Application For Site Selection and Construction of Major Facilities of a Public Utility Burlington-Lamar 230-Kilovolt Transmission Project – 1041 Permit

ZONES: Agricultural

REQUEST: That the Kiowa County Board of Commissioners/1041 Permitting Authority issue a Permit to Conduct a Designated Activity of State Interest or to Engage in Development in a Designated Area of State Interest - Burlington-Lamar 230-Kilovolt Transmission Project. 

1041 Permit Authority/Board of County Commissioners Hearing:    September 29, 2022, starting at 10:00 a.m.    to be held at the Commissioners Meeting Room, 1305 Goff Street, Eads, Colorado 81036. The hearing will be conducted in person.

Additional information regarding the specifics of this application is available for public inspection in the Kiowa County Administration Office at 1305 Goff Street, Eads, Colorado 81036 and on the Kiowa County web page at All interested persons are encouraged to attend the public hearing or submit a statement with opinions and comments on the proposed 1041 land use change/permit.

Please note that it is inappropriate to personally contact individual County Commissioners or Planning Commission members while an application is pending. Such contact is considered ex parte communication and will have to be disclosed as part of the public hearings on the matter. If you have any concerns, you should contact staff, write a letter or present your concerns at the public meeting so your comments can be made part of the record. Any questions concerning this application can be directed to Tina Adamson, Kiowa County Administrator at 719-438-5810. Public comments and questions can also be submitted electronically to Also, note that if you use a representative to present your comments, it is more persuasive if you provide written authorization for that person to represent you. 

Pursuant to County Policy and Procedures, comment letters containing technical information, data or references to other materials must be submitted seven calendar days prior to the public hearing. Public comments not containing technical information, data or references to other materials may be submitted two business days prior to the hearing. Late submittals may not be reviewed by the Board and the Board at its discretion may accept submittals on the day of the hearing. 

Approval of the subject application or development may result in the establishment of a vested property right.