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Public Notice - Telecommunication Tower Construction - Sheridan Lake

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Industrial Tower West, LLC. (Industrial Tower) proposes to construct a monopole telecommunications tower in the vicinity of Brown Street, Sheridan Lake, Kiowa County, Colorado 81071 (lat/long 38 deg 28 min 1.0 sec N, 102 deg 17 min 41.7 sec W). 

The top of the support structure is 55 feet above grade surface (AGS). 

The overall structure height with attachments is 60 feet AGS. 

Public comments regarding potential effects from this site on historic properties may be submitted within 30-days from the date of this publication to: 

Terracon Consultants, 

ATTN: Matthew Harbeck, 

15080 A Circle, 

Omaha, Nebraska 68144, 

(402) 330-2202 or

Published August 05, 2022

In the Kiowa County Press