Reasons To Rent a Charter Bus Instead of Flying

Reasons To Rent a Charter Bus Instead of Flying

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After months of quarantines and social distance, you’re probably getting stir-crazy. If you miss globe-trotting on group tours, you can at least take advantage of the wonders closer to home. With the right precautions, you and your favorite traveling companions can still vacation without risking exposure. There have never been better reasons to rent a charter bus instead of flying, and safety is at the top of the list.

It’s private

On airplane flights and public transportation, you can’t be sure if strangers will keep their distance, or even show basic courtesy by wearing masks. On a bus, you choose the passengers, the driver, and you know they haven’t been exposed to anyone sick. You can relax when you’re around people that you trust. The interior will be sanitized to your standards, and you can keep it from contamination.

It’s less expensive

When considering the price per person, a charter bus can be less expensive than taxi trips. If you’re going a shorter distance or for a shorter stay, you won’t need as many amenities and can save more. The environment won’t pay as high a price either, because buses are considered the greenest way to travel.

It’s less hassle

Renting a charter seems daunting if you’ve never done it before, but it’s easier than coordinating flights for family members and friends. If you know what amenities your travel group needs, it’s a simple process to narrow down your bus choices. You can consult with a rental dealer, or use a charter company to take care of the smaller details.

It’s more comfortable

There are different levels of luxury, but on any bus, you can expect everything that planes don’t offer: Leg room. Luggage space. Less turbulence, and more cushioning. Some buses have wi-fi, charging ports, and sound systems to make the trip go faster. When you get to your destination, you won’t be exhausted by the journey.

It’s more efficient

It’s easier to keep unwieldly groups together when you’re on and off a bus. You don’t have to coordinate extras like transportation to the airport, or worry about special handicapped accessibility. If your bus has a restroom, you’ll cut down on endless pit stops.

It’s more flexible for your itinerary

You’ve gotten used to the local beauty that attracts tourists from all over. But one of the main reasons to rent a charter bus instead of flying is to give your group the freedom to explore all that Colorado has to offer. You’re not tied to a schedule, and won’t be delayed by circumstances you can’t control. If you’re on your way to a historic site, you can stop off to get your blood moving with a short hike. You can pull over and appreciate the wildlife you don’t usually make time for. Group travel on four wheels allow restless spirits to roam free.