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Spady Ranch Designated a 2020 Centennial Ranch

Carole Spady

Five generations of the Spady Family have called Kiowa County, Colorado home.  

Conrad Spady came from Germany and settled in Kansas for a short time before coming to Kiowa County.

In 1914, Conrad and his wife, Wilhelmina, and their six children came to Haswell. Conrad traded a cow for a house and had it moved by eight teams of horses and two wagons to its present location - 8 ½ miles south of Haswell on the road to Las Animas, County Road 19.

PICT Spady Ranch

The original house at the Spady Ranch south of Haswell. Conrad Spady traded a cow for the house, then moved it to the current site. Courtesy Carole Spady.

The couple added three more children to their family and the roof of the house was raised to add two bedrooms. A homestead patent was granted in 1920.

In 1943, Conrad and Wilhelmina moved to Las Animas and their son, Elk, and his wife, Hazel, lived in the house where they raised their five children, Bonnie, Barbara, Donald, Roger, and Rick. 

To help out on the family ranch, Donald moved a home on the property next to Elk and Hazel. There, Donald and Linda raised their sons, Heath and Lonnie. 

PICT Spady Ranch

One of the buildings on the Spady Ranch south of Haswell. Courtesy Carole Spady.

When Donald and his family moved to pursue other farming interests, Rick and Carole moved on to the property and raised their daughters, Millicent and Tara. 

In 2006 the property was purchased by Donald. Presently Donald's son, Heath and Jaylin are raising their son, Shade, in the original house that was acquired in a cow trade.

The Spady Ranch has been designated a 2020 Centennial Ranch and also qualified for the Historic Structures Award.