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Steve Baxter retiring after 36 years of service

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Jeanne Sorensen

Steve Baxter is retiring as the Kiowa County Treasurer after 36 years of service.  

According to the Bureau of Labor, the average a person is employed at one job is 4.6 years.  Few politicians stay in office over 20 years.

But is he really retiring? 

I understand he is working on a project changing the calendar as we know it. It will have a 5-day weekend. Though this sounds great, there are several kinks that must be worked out.  Such as, if you have a 5-day weekend, does that mean the 2 days you work are on the weekend when everyone else has the weekend off? 

Another problem, 5-day weekend equals 260 days a year and 2 day working equals 104 days. Add those together equals 364 days leaving 1 day (and every 4 years there is another day left) What to do with that extra day? And daylight saving time causes another problem. Do I add to my weekend and take away from my work time?

Whew! I think that a lot of work. So, if you are looking for Steve, you just might find him down at Jackson Pond with a fishing pole putting in a days' work - planning how to do this retirement thing correctly.

Happy Retirement Steve.