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Thoughts, Things, and Trivia by Jack – January 10, 2024

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Jack Johnson

The National Western Stock show parade this year has me reminiscing about winters when I was growing up in this area seventy years ago. Cold mornings, mild afternoons, little wind and a skiff of snow now and then. January, stock show starts; rain, cold, snow, wind and blizzards, time for five bucket overshoes for those on the ground and two bucket overshoes for those in the saddle, it was time to go a military surplus store and buy heavy wool shirts, pants and socks, the wool is breathable and sheds moisture. Generally, the weather during the Stock Show is a good indication of what is to be expected for the rest of the season. When an Artic Front blows in, the air gets dry and the humidifier goes to work. Mother Nature has control and we need to be ready to accept what she gives us.  

PICT Jack Johnson

When I was working off-continent, one of the reasons that I preferred working for an USA construction contractor was the treatment of their employees. The work force is divided into three categories: citizens of the contractor’s home country (ex-pats), third country national (TCNs) and indigenous (locals).

Any company involved in international contracting will have a medical staff to take care of the ex-pats, the other two categories must seek their own medical attention, USA companies took care of all their employees.

The contracts are fixed in time and costs, thus requiring a healthy workforce. The policy was to ensure 100 percent availability of the work force through personal hygiene, nutrition, and sanitary orientation. Personal hygiene addressed the elimination of internal and external parasites, nutrition addressed the quality and contribution of the familiar cuisine, and sanitary addressed clean and safe living environment.

Upon completion of the work, it was gratifying to send workers home with a pocketful of cash, in better health, and how to have better life.

When a medical situation arose, an agreement was arranged with organizations like “Doctors Without Borders”, “Médecins Sans Frontières” and “International Medical Corps.”