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Thoughts, Things, and Trivia by Jack - November 7, 2023

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Jack Johnson

Good Readers, trust that you exercised your constitutional right and voted. 

The overeducated supercilious liberals are at it again, woke wanting to cancel celebrating Halloween because of the possibility of not meeting their DEI (diversity, equally, inclusivity) standards and liberal universities giving guidance to avoid cultural appropriation when selecting a costume.  How can Halloween be racist event? Halloween is to be fun and enjoyable when kids dress up in their favorite costume and go out and collect gobs of candy.

Good readers, this nation is in dire straits due to elitist political and bureaucratic cabals. A disturbing activity is the absence of transparency. The disregard for keeping the populace aware of their actions is shared by supervising boards of homeowners associations, school districts, towns/cities, counties, states, and federal. The public can attend the meetings and make a presentation, but if the presentation is not in line with the board’s agenda, the presenter may be cut off or arrested. The use of executive secessions (closed door meetings) are used to make decisions outside the presence of the public.   Lack of transparency establishes an environment for corruption, greed, and tyranny.  It is advisable that the public attend the respective board meetings. The Fourth Estate, the so called protecters and promoters of transparency, are not reporting about abuses.  

A situation of great concern has befallen the nation, the two-tier system in politics and justice exacerbated by the military-industrial cabal and blessed by the Fourth Estate. The two-tier system is “innocent before proven guilty” for those in power and “guilty before proven innocent” for the opposition. I will explore this topic for future essays.