Tips for Handling Incontinence During the Winter

Tips for Handling Incontinence During the Winter

Feature Staff

The groundhog has officially declared six more weeks of winter. Not many people love hearing this news, but the news is particularly unwelcome to those with bladder issues. A condition called cold diuresis is common for people with incontinence. Cold diuresis means that your blood vessels constrict, causing your blood pressure to rise. When your blood pressure rises, you’ll need to empty your bladder more frequently. Luckily, there are some tips for handling incontinence during the winter that could make the season accident-free.

Diet and Exercise

Always be mindful of diet and exercise. Yet, you should pay even more attention to your health during the wintertime. We all love eating comfort food when it’s chilly outside. However, weight gain isn’t wise for people with incontinence because it puts even more pressure on the bladder. Try your hardest to avoid caffeine and spicy foods because they irritate the bladder muscles.

Additionally, it’d be smart to add some pelvic strengthening exercises into your routine, as well. Kegel exercises make bladder muscles stronger because you contract them as you lift your hips towards the ceiling. Remember, diet and exercise are only some things you can do to make this winter easier on yourself.

Take Care of Colds

Another tip for handling incontinence during the winter is to take care of colds. If you have bladder problems, you may leak after every sneeze. Luckily, wearing adult incontinence products can make this issue a little less problematic. Search for companies that sell these items and what principles they offer. For example, some businesses are better than others because they design their items to be discreet.

Stay Hydrated

Most people believe that limiting their liquid intake is the best solution for incontinence. Yes, there are certain triggers you should avoid—but water isn’t one of them. In fact, dehydration can irritate your bladder, causing you to go more frequently. So, stay hydrated during this cold spell. Just don’t drink too much water before bedtime.